New Comic Book Picks March 7, 2018

Four number ones top of new comic book picks of the week:

Infinity Countdown #1 courtesy Marvel

Can’t wait for AVENGERS INFINITY WAR on the big screen – even though it’s hitting cinemas early? Head to your local comic book shop for a cosmic epic starring Avengers, Guardians and a X-Man.

INFINITY COUNTDOWN #1 The Saga of the Infinity Stones begins. Wolverine, Captain Marvel, Star-Lord, Loki and Adam Warlock are among the heroes and villains hunting for the pieces to build the ultimate cosmic weapon in the Marvel Universe. Gerry Duggan and Aaron Kuder kick off the adventure.

GIDEON FALLS #1 An urban horror mystery reuninting “Green Arrow” and “Old Man Logan” team Jeff Lemire and Andrea Sorrentino. A reclusive young man believes a conspiracy in his town’s trash, a priest in a city of dark secrets. The legend of the Black Barn, an ominous landmark in both city and town.

OBLIVION SONG #1 ‘”The Walking Dead” creator Robert Kirkman with artist Lorenzo De Felici for a new sci-fi survival story. 300,000 Philadelphia citizens vanished into Oblivion. The government gave up. Nathan Cole won’t. Is he searching for the survivors or lured by a rogue agenda by the Oblivion Song?

GREEN HORNET #1 Britt Reid Jr. vanishes. That means his heroic alter ego is missing. Kato and his daughter must team up to protect the city and save the Green Hornet legacy. Amy Chu picks up Kevin Smith’s story of the classic vigilante’s son.

AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #797 Go Down Swinging The Green Goblin is back. The Red Goblin strikes. Artist Stuart Immonen joins writer Dan Slott for his swan song after a milestone run on Spidey.

By Editor