New Comic Book Picks for February 21, 2018

Black Panther conquered the box office and Marvel is delivering two comic book musts this week. One featuring the Wakandan King’s legacy and one to rev up even more excitement for Infinity War.

Infinity Countdown Prime #1 courtesy Marvel

Here are our new comic book picks of the week:

INFINITY COUNTDOWN: PRIME #1 When the Infinity Stones are collected – the most powerful weapon in the Marvel Universe is unleashed. The resurrected Wolverine has one. The resurrected Adam Warlock is back and hunting a stone. The quest started by the Guardians of the Galaxy expands across the galaxy. Gerry Duggan and Aaron Kuder kick off a cosmic quest.

BATMAN #41 Everyone Loves Ivy begins. The Dark Knight and Catwoman vs an army of Poison Ivys? Mikel Janin rejoins Tom King for The Bat, The Cat and the uninvited wedding guests.

BRAVE & BOLD: BATMAN & WONDER WOMAN #1 The Amazon Warrior and Dark Knight team up to solve the murder of a God? Can they solve the mystery before a mythical war erupts? Artist Liam Sharp writes and draws this team up connecting Amazon lore, Gotham and Celtic mythology.

LAZARUS #3 The sci-fi epic of tyrannical families controlling the world is back after a break. House Carlyle and Hock are at war but there’s one family both rivals fear: Vassalovka – the family that “birthed the Dragon.” Greg Rucka and Michael Lark pick up the war with a  new arc: Fracture.

DOCTOR STRANGE DAMNATION #1 Viva Las Vegas courtesy the Sorcerer Supreme! When Strange tries to heal Sin City after the Secret Empire destruction – Mephisto is unleashed. Donny Cates and Rod Reis conjure a limited series pitting Strange against the lord of Hell in Sin City.

BLACK PANTHER ANNUAL #1 Celebrate the Black Panther’s movie success with a collection of stories by acclaimed writers from T’Challa’s comic book canon. Writers Don McGregor, Christopher Priest and Reginald Hudlin with artists Ken Lashley, Daniel Acuna and Mike Perkins with a trio of classic and new tales.

ARCHIES #5 A band member quits? Tegan and Sara guest star but can these indie pop stars help save the band? Alex Segura and Joe Eisma.

By Editor