A new X-book is coming this summer but what’s the title and on who’s on the team?
courtesy Marvel via Twitter

The mutant/Inhuman war concludes with IvX #6 this new comic book week. ResurrXion is the aftermath with new X-books coming this Spring (X-Men: Gold, X-Men: Blue, Weapon X, Jean Grey, Iceman, Cable, Generation X) while All-New Wolverine and Old Man Logan will continue.

The ResurrXion will continue with a tenth title.

Marvel shared a teaser via Twitter:
“The comic series fans have been demanding! Coming June 2017. #ResurrXion”
Old Man Logan in the forefront. Archangel soaring overhead with blade wings spread. One mystery person raising a gun.
The tease art looks like fan-favorite cover artist Jim Cheung.
Who are the mystery members? What could this book be?
X-Force? The pro-active mutant squad is a Marvel mainstay but has been MIA from earlier ResurrXion previews.
Wolverine and Archangel were members of Uncanny X-Force. Old Man Logan is in X-Men: Gold and co-leading the new Weapon X.  This team book will also include Deathstrike, Domino and Warpath.
Psylocke, Fantomex were members too and are MIA from ResurrXion. Deadpool was on Logan’s team but he’s a member of Uncanny Avengers.
Events in Uncanny X-Force (by Rick Remender)made a big impact on the X-Men including the introduction of Evan aka Genesis (the child clone of Apocalypse) and the bizarre love triangle of Psylocke, Archangel and Fantomex.
X-Men: Prime will set the stage for the new X-books.
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