Action Comics #957 courtesy DC Comics
Action Comics #957 courtesy DC Comics

Superman is dead.

Superman is back.

Lex Luthor sporting a red cape and S on his chest.

And a second Clark Kent?

Legendary writer Dan Jurgens returns to the Man of Steel with a new mystery in this week’s Action Comics #957. With DC Comics Rebirth, Action returns to its original numbering but with two Supermen and a mystery Clark Kent.

The New 52 Superman died. Following the events of Justice League: Darkseid War, Lex Luthor is playing the hero of Metropolis.

Thanks to Convergence, the post Crisis Superman is back as the primary Superman of the DC Universe. This is the Man of Steel married to Lois Lane and now father to super son Jon Kent.

When Superman sees his his arch-enemy turned (alleged) hero soaring over Metropolis, Kal-El comes out of seclusion with his family and heads to the City of Tomorrow to confront the rival from his past.

And there’s another dangerous enemy making a comeback.

Action also introduces a mysterious new Clark Kent who turns up at The Daily Planet.
Who is he?
Is he The New 52 Superman resurrected?
Did Clark survive even though Kal-El died?
Is something more sinister at work?

How will Wonder Woman react when she sees the “new” Superman after losing the Clark she fell in loved with in The New 52?

The first arc is Path to Doom and Doomsday crashes into the first issue.
Is this the same super villain from Death of Superman that Dan Jurgens crafted years ago or is this a new Doomsday?

The answers may come faster than a speeding bullet as the title ships twice monthly with artists Patrick Zircher, Tyler Kirkham and Stephen Segovia on Dan Jurgens Superman resurgence.

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