BLACK PANTHER’S Most Powerful Marvel Universe Moments

BLACK PANTHER conquers the world! The first Marvel Cinematic Universe film starring a black hero and primarily black cast smashed box office records and earned acclaim worthy of a King.

Hero. Avenger. King. Legend. T’Challa is the super-powered, super smart monarch of mythical, technologically advanced Wakanda. If you’re just getting to know this hero from the movie then take a look back at his comic book past showing why the King’s cinematic debut is long overdue.

Black Panther #1 courtesy Marvel

Here are the Black Panther’s most powerful moments impacting the Marvel Universe:

Four Down

Stan Lee and Jack Kirby co-created the Black Panther in the pages of Fantastic Four, where the regal ruler took down each member of Marvel’s powerhouse First Family. T’Challa and the team eventually became allies. Reed even asked T’Challa to replace him as leader when he took leave with Sue.

X Marks Marriage

T’Challa and Ororo Monroe fell in love as teens. He became King. She became Storm of the X-Men. The two married and became Marvel’s ultimate power couple even leading a new Fantastic Four. His royal duty and her allegiance to her fellow mutants fractured the relationship. When Avengers vs X-Men erupted – the marriage crumbled. In just a few words, T’Challa ended it with Storm.

Man Without Fear

No powers. No throne. T’Challa abdicated the throne making his sister Shuri the ruler. He found a new purpose in New York City replacing Daredevil. From King to diner manager and Hell’s Kitchen new vigilante protector before returning to his homeland.

Stark Victory

T’Challa and Tony Stark are fellow Avengers but corporate and royal rumbles lead to a rivalry among the tech titans. The game of mental chess between the two ended when T’Challa found a way to control Iron Man’s armor and stop Tony’s heart.


Who says no to Marvel’s biggest brains? Tony Stark, Professor Xavier, Doctor Strange, Reed Richards, Black Bolt and Namor formed a secret alliance to carry out missions without the other heroes knowledge. Black Panther refused to join and warned them of the ramifications – they should have listened.

Illuminati II

When the Black Panther calls – you listen. T’Challa was off the throne but always there to protect us. He discovered a series of incursions centered on Wakanda. Earths from different dimensions were colliding, eventually it would come down to only one Earth left. T’Challa ordered Doctor Strange, Beast, Iron Man, Namor, Reed Richards, Captain America, Black Bolt to his homeland to show the frightening evidence and a cosmic level plan to save the planet. Between T’Challa, Namor and Doctor Doom – imagine this a Game of Thrones with super powers.

Secret Wars

You’ve seen the Infinity Stones and the Gauntlet Thanos is trying to assemble in the Marvel movies? You know Doctor Doom is one of the most powerful Marvel villains. Now imagine a God Doom with the power to have created his own world from the cosmic ashes of multiple dead universes. Who stopped him? Not Iron Man. Not Thor. Black Panther using an Infinity Gauntlet smacked down God Doom.

BLACK PANTHER sets up T’Challa and reveals Wakanda but watch for the hero to play an even bigger role as the Marvel Cinematic Universe blows up in AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR and a possible BLACK PANTHER II – did I say possible – make that eventual sequel with a universe of possibilities for the King.

By Editor