Aftermath of Death of the Batman Family

Batman #18 courtesy DC Comics

  Batman and is allies (if they survive) will face the fallout of the Joker’s manipulations in the Death of the Family. DC Comics shared previews and covers from Batman family books coming in March 2013.

  In Batman #18 Bruce must deal with what DC is calling it an “unspeakable tragedy” and Bruce is “in danger of losing his humanity.” Harper Row returns. The fan favorite character may be the only hope of bringing Bruce back from the edge. Andy Kubert is the guest artist of Batman #18.

  In Batgirl #18 Barbara faces her twisted brother – who sold her out ot the Joker. Ray Fawkes is the guest writer for the next two issues.

  The femme fatale must survive the Joker’s madness because in Catwoman #18 Selina and Bruce fight it out in a museum!?

  Will one of the “Robins” suffer the most at the hands of the Joker?

  Nightwing #18 it appears Dick has lost hope until a chance for revenge presents itself. Will this hero be pushed to shatter his moral code for vegeance?

Red Hood and the Outlaws #18 courtesy DC Comics

  Red Hood and the Outlaws #18 If anybody has a right to wipe out the Joker it’s Jason Todd. What happens to Jason in Death of the Family that makes him change the mission of his Outlaws?

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(Please note: DC Comics stated these are not the final covers)