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Death of X #3 courtesy Marvel

The X-Men ResurrXion lineup is revealed. We know the books. We know the creative teams. We know the casts.

We noted some powerhouse and fan-favorite mutants missing in action in the X-Men 2017 evolution.

Here’s our biggest list of most wanted MIA mutants in the ResurrXion:

Emma Frost

The co-leader was MIA for a year in the aftermath of Secret Wars. The fate of Cyclops and Emma was revealed in Death of X. Emma is the driving force behind Inhumans vs. X-Men as she unleashes a plan to save the mutants and exact vengeance for the death of her beloved Scott Summer. Is the former White Queen of the Hellfire Club back to her villainous ways? Will she survive the war? Emma already pulled a massive psychic shakedown in Death of X – does she have a long game the X-Editors haven’t revealed yet?


Betsy Braddock is an X-Men/X-Force mainstay. Cullen Bunn is expertly writing her in his Uncanny X-Men run. Will Elizabeth be a casualty of war?

Monet St. Croix

The powerhouse former Generation X and X-Factor member was also a big part of Bunn’s Uncanny run and secretly working with Magneto as part of his new Hellfire Club. I loved Monet’s interactions with Victor Creed and hated to see her infected by her mad brother Emplate again (you hurt the mutants you love, right?) Here’s hoping Monet survives for a Generation X reunion. Could Monet join former teammate Jubilee in the new Xavier Institute?

Forge and Cerebra

The genius inventor and Storm’s former lover joined Ororo’s crusade to rescue mutants from the Terrigen Mists and tranfered the computer program Cerebra into the body of classic Sentinel. Maybe Forge will have a home in the new Xavier Institute in Generation X?

Gambit and Rogue

Remy Lebeau was a mutant mainstay for decades but hasn’t been a regular in a book since the short-lived “corporate” X-Factor. Remy recently reunited with Rogue, a member of Uncanny Avengers with Quicksilver. Could the fan-favorite lovers from the 90’s X-Men era eventually make a shift to the Blue and Gold teams?

Oya, Genesis, Pickles

Oya is one of the Five Lights/Generation Hope kids who blossomed into a strong young woman. Genesis is fighting his destiny to not become Cyclops. Pickles is the last of the Bamfs aka mini-Nightcrawlers. All three are hanging with the original Xavier students in All-New X-Men but don’t have a home in 2017 yet.


Wolverine (Laura Kinney) was MIA in the initial announcements but she’s on the cover of X-Men: Prime, the one-shot that sets up the new status quo for the X-books. Laura/X-23 is still in the Wolverine costume.


Alex Summers showed up at his brother’s funeral in Death of X which featured several cameos by long-lost mutants including other X-Factor alum Wolfsbane, Strong Guy, Alchemy and Jamie Madrox – RIP. Emma Frost may convince Alex to be part of plan to save the mutants and avenge Scott’s death in Inhumans vs. X-Men. Alex has a record of falling for the wrong women including Scott’s ex, Madelyn Pryor. Will history repeat itself?


Speaking of which…Lorna Dane has been off the grid since the short-lived new X-Factor. Magneto’s troubled daughter could turn up again given her family ties to Magnus, Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch.

The mutant I’ll miss most…


Illyana Rasputin was never a favorite until Brian Michael Bendis wrote her in his Uncanny run, Jeff Lemire made Illyana’s mentorship of Sapna a key storyline of his Extraordinary X-Men run. The mutant sorceress learned to conquer her demons – literally with the help of Doctor Strange – and emotional demons from a tragic twisted history. Decades after her debut, I fell in love with Magik. I’d really enjoy seeing her reunited with best friend Kitty Pryde or maybe spirited into her own solo series.

Which mutant are you missing the most in the upcoming ResurrXion relaunch?

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