X-MEN ResurrXion Books For Your Consideration Updated

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X-Men: Gold courtesy Marvel
X-Men: Gold courtesy Marvel

ResurrXion marks a rebirth for the X-Men books in 2017.

Marvel announced new titles starring Iceman, Jean Grey, Cable, Weapon X, Generation X and two flagship books: X-Men Gold, X-Men Blue.

If the news has your feeling nostalgic for more ’90’s excitement we’re with you. After all Blue and Gold teams were the stars of the first X-Men #1 by the legendary team of Chris Claremont and Jim Lee and Uncanny X-Men #281 by Claremont and Whilce Portacio.

As the mutants experience a rebirth next year, we can’t help but hope for a return of more mutants, books and teams. Here are our more ResurrXion X-books for your consideration:


Let the sword be drawn again! Captain Britain (aka Brian Braddock, brother of Psylocke) was a superstar of Marvel’s UK line in adventures by Alan Davis. Meggan was his beloved mystical metamorph girlfriend. Brian and Meggan united with Nightcrawler, Kitty Pryde (in her Shadowcat uniform/code-name) and Rachel Summers (aka Phoenix) along with Lockheed the dragon and Widget for adventures across England, Europe and the dimensions. The Cross-Time Caper may have gone on too long but it gave fans a thrilling tour of the Marvel multiverse. Who couldn’t love the arc with swashbuckling Nightcrawler in a John Carter of Mars style adventure. What I loved most was the genuine affection between this team that was really a family, and book’s emphasis on fantasy and fun. Update: Kitty will be the X-Men: Gold team leader with Nightcrawler, Rachel and Colossus on her team.


It’s easy to call Neena Thurman the Black Widow of mutants. She’s deadly, sexy and fun. Along with expertise in weapons and hand to hand combat, Neena possesses a “good luck” power that alters probability. She became an infamous mercenary working with Cable before joining his X-Force squad. Domino has been Cable’s partner and lover but she makes a killer X-Man. Neena and Wolverine starred in a great limited series, she was a member of Brian Wood’s X-Men run and co-starred in a thrilling adventure with Daredevil. Domino should definitely appear in a Deadpool or future X-Men movie and get a shot at her own book or lead a new incarnation of X-Force.

Generation X courtesy Marvel
Generation X courtesy Marvel


This was not an actual X-book. Gay and Lesbian members of the X-family have popped up in emotional stories that are groundbreaking and award winning but they don’t get an ongoing series. The upcoming Iceman book will be the first but we don’t know if it will star young or older Bobby Drake or both. What if other members of the X-tended family all teamed up? Think of the funny romance of Rictor and Shatterstar in Peter David’s X-Factor? Northstar’s Astonishing X-Men wedding to Kyle Jinadu was an inspiring bestseller but they’ve been off the front burner. Northstar and Karma have been mentors at the Xavier School before. What if Jean-Paul and X’ian led a squad including Iceman, Graymalkin, Bling, Anole, Ric and Shatterstar and Benjamin Deeds fighting for mutant rights and the continuing struggle for gay rights. Update: Young Iceman will be on the X-Men: Blue team and adult Bobby will star in his own ongoing series. Bling and Benjamin Deeds will be part of the cast of the new Generation X.

Emma Frost?

The former White Queen is the wild card in Inhumans vs. X-Men epic after the big revelation about her in Death of X. After losing Cyclops it looks like Emma is more ruthless as ever in her quest for vengeance against Black Bolt and Medusa while doing anything to protect the mutant race. When the psychic dust settles, will the villain turned X-Men co-leader have a role in the ResurrXion canon…perhaps as a villain?

What other X-Men characters or books of the past would you like to see return for ResurrXion?

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