X-MEN BLUE Mystery Mutant Revealed & More To Come

X-Men Blue #1 solves a big mystery and sets the future for mutants from the past.

The original Jean Grey, Cyclops, Beast, Iceman and Angel are together again in a new series by Cullen Bunn and Jorge Molina. Will a clawed mutant join these time lost X-Men as an ally, enemy or teammate?

X-Men: Blue #5 courtesy Marvel

Jean Grey assumes the role of leader. Magneto is the team’s new mentor? The first issue is packed with teasers of future enemies and possibly the identity of this man blurred in the cover above.

Teases for future issues hinted the comeback of a clawed mutant. Speculation centered on the resurrection of the original Wolverine/Logan/James Howlett. This week’s first issue revealed the mutant behind the blurred art. It’s not the original but it’s a character we hoped would survive the destruction of the multiverse in Secret Wars.

Who is it? What could it mean? This first issue also includes a teaser image that may excited X-fans.

Before we break it down here’s a SPOILER ALERT!

If you have not read X-Men Blue #1 stop reading now.



Here it comes.

The X-Men took on and took down a classic dastardly duo: Black Tom Cassidy and Juggernaut.

The squad then shares their mission success with…


The Master of Magnetism congratulates the team and appears to give them their next targets which refers to as mutants who are “comrades who have lost their way” and he will “guide them.”

On the screen behind Magneto are Sebastian Shaw – Black King of the Hellfire Club which Magneto aligned with in the previous Uncanny volume by Bunn; Magik, Monet – a member of Magneto’s previous team and Hellfire Club member; and what looks like Kitty, Colossus and Nightcrawler of the new X-Men Gold team introduced last week.

You may remember Psylocke “killed” Magneto in Bunn’s Uncanny X-Men finale but was resurrected by Elixir working with Exodus. How did Magneto hook up with the original X-Men? Is this alliance for real or is some telepathic manipulation at work?

And on to the clawed mystery man…

In a back story a hooded mystery man is being hunted in a snowy forest when the Wendigo attacks but the hunters are saved when the hooded man pops his claws. It’s James “Jimmy” Hudson,  the son of Wolverine from the Ultimate Universe – we think!

This blonde, clawed mutant now sporting a beard is most likely Jimmy. Miles Morales/Spider-Man made the leap from the Ultimate Universe before it was destroyed just before Secret Wars. James was one of our top characters we wanted to survive and jump to main Marvel universe.

If it’s true, Bunn gave a cool nod to Wolverine history. Logan made his first Marvel Universe appearance fighting Wendigo in an Incredible Hulk issue before joining the X-Men. It’s a cool creator connection too. X-Men Blue cover artist Arthur Adams co-created Jimmy with Jeph Loeb in the Ultimate X series.

Jimmy was the son of Logan and a woman named Magda but raised by James and Heather Hudson.

Now we have Old Man Logan, All-New Wolverine (former X-23 Laura Kinney) and possibly James Hudson as three Wolverines in the X-Men ResurrXion.

But that’s not all…

In the final “More Things to Come” splash page…

A clawed mutant confronts the team.

Chamber and the original Generation X (even in their original red/gold uniforms) will appear.

The future X-Men introduced in Battle of the Atom are back with the declaration, “rematch!”

And finally an ominous looking Professor Xavier with flowing red eyes uttering the famous, “to me, my X-Men.”

By Editor