X Marks Northstar


Northstar to the rescue. Courtesy Marvel.com

Northstar belongs in the X-Men now. Seeing Jean Paul reunited with this sister and the rest of Alpha Flight was enjoyable. Now that the title is cancelled, it’s time for Jean Paul to rejoin the X-Men but which team?

While Alpha Flight was on duty, the X-Men were choosing sides between Cyclops and Wolverine.  Both mutant leaders would benefit from having a mutant with multiple powers on one of their squads. Northstar has superhuman speed, durability, can fly and manipulate light. Jean Paul was the first openly gay superhero character. The X-Men have always been a metaphor for minorities, anti-discrimination and acceptance of others who may be different. Northstar is a hero and a positive role model as a confident gay man.

Cyclops could have many different roles for Northstar on his Utopia based team. Given Jean Paul’s speedster powers, he would be perfect for tactical and recon on the Extinction Team or Security Team. When the X-Men first relocated to San Francisco, Northstar proved himself during battles like Secret Invasion and the rescue of Illyana from Limbo.

Logan should welcome Jean Paul to his senior staff at Westchester. Northstar was recruited by Professor X to teach business, economics, French and flying.  Jean Paul’s experience as an Olympic skier and entrepreneur make him a perfect academic instructor. He could be a flying and physical education instructor too. Jean Paul could continue to be a mentor to the younger mutants, especially young gay teens like Anole and Graymalkin.

It would be stereotypical to assume a gay hero would automatically want to be based in a gay mecca like San Francisco. I would love to see Jean Paul and Emma have a night away from Utopia delivering icy barbs and enjoying the finer things in life. The White Queen and the icy Prince out on the town would be fun, clever and expected. I will give Marvel credit. Jean Paul could have been portrayed in various gay clichés over the years.

I hope Marvel will move Northstar to Logan’s team. Jean Paul would be a great fit as a mentor and role model for all the students at the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning and for all the scared young kids out there in the real world to see that it gets better – even in comic books.

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