Chris Pine bring a DC icon to life in the big screen film Chris Pine bring a DC icon to life in the big screen film Wonder Woman. As Steve Trevor, Pine teams up with Gal Gadot as a famous comic book couple

Wonder Woman: Steve Trevor courtesy DC Comics

DC Comics announced a one-shot story WONDER WOMAN: STEVE TREVOR #1 from writer Tim Seeley (NIGHTWING) and artist Christian Duce. This new adventure stars the first man who crash landed into Wonder Woman’s world in Themyscira. Trevor fights alone.

“Steve and Diana’s longtime friendship, despite their coming from separate worlds, is inspiring. But in this story, we’ll get a chance to see Steve come face to face with a villain from Wonder Woman’s past, who he’ll have to overcome without her help, ” Seeley told DC Comics. “I’m excited to dive back into the life of Steve Trevor, and give him a new and crazy adventure of his own.”
Friends, allies, lovers – Steve and Diana have had each other backs for decades in comics. In the new tale, Trevor will be forced to face an ancient foe, and he’ll have to do it alone. Where is Wonder Woman? And what will become of Steve Trevor?

WONDER WOMAN: STEVE TREVOR #1 is on sale June 7. WONDER WOMAN hits the big screen on June 2.

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