WONDER WOMAN Origin Trailer

Gal Gadot and Warner Brothers revealed the new Wonder Woman – official origin trailer after a debut on the Nickelodeon Kid Choice Awards.
The trailer came with the message “Witness the Future of Justice” but we see a film look at Diana as a child, teen and young warrior being trained on Themyscira.
Watch and enjoy:

Let’s break down what we see and don’t see:

We see more of Diana’s training under her aunt, Antiope (Robin Wright) and a warning from her mother the Queen that “she must never know the truth about what she is.”

Could this be a clue to Diana’s origin? In the comics Diana was created by her mother and given powers by the Greek Gods, later she was revealed to be the daughter of Zeus, King of the Olympian Gods.

Danny Huston is listed as a General but could be a human guise of Ares, the God of War, one of Wonder Woman’s greatest enemies?

Elena Anaya is listed as Maru/Doctor Poison, most likely the mystery woman in the mask in wartime Europe.

Wonder Woman directed by Patty Jenkins, hits the big screen June 2.

By Editor