Wolverine vs. Wolverine in Age of Ultron

Age of Ultron #7 courtesy Marvel
Age of Ultron #7 courtesy Marvel

Wolverine may have finally gone to far this time! Who will make Logan pay for his act? How about Wolverine?

Take a look at the cover of Age of Ultron #8 as Logan guts Logan courtesy Marvel.

Captain America took a small band of heroes into the future to stop Ultron. Logan went into the past to stop Hank Pym from creating the insane android who has conquered the Marvel Universe and killed millions.









Wolverine killed Hank Pym. Writer Brian Michael Bendis explains the two heroes on two paths with Marvel.com.

“It’s funny because Wolverine was even brought into Avengers to be the guy who was going to make the tough decisions when no one else can. And he knows that’s his role in life. “Okay, I’m the guy that has to do the thing.” Right. So he knows it, and he also knows that some of these other heroes want him to do it even though they’re protesting. Someone do this thing that I can’t do.

In issue #5, they get to the Savage Land, and Nick Fury is alive and in this bunker that he created way back when, and it’s filled with weapons and things. You know, he’s stock piling armors and weapons and he’s got a time cube. So they could take the time cube and go to the future and face Ultron head on. And Wolverine’s like, “Or we could go into the past and cut off Hank Pym’s head.”Captain America takes a team and goes to the future to fight [Ultron] head on; Nick Fury, Red Hulk, all the big powerhouses, leaving Wolverine and the others behind. Wolverine then, as soon as Captain America leaves, gets in the time cube and goes “alright, I’m going to go kill Hank Pym” and the others are like “what are you talking about?” He goes, “I’m not asking permission, I’m doing it.” And that’s how we leave the end of issue #5.So we will see Captain America’s results and Wolverine’s results in issue #6. And now the people will see the future stuff being drawn by Brandon Peterson and the past stuff, which takes place in the Marvel 1960’s, around issue #50-something of AVENGERS, will be drawn by Carlos Pacheco. So we are in two different time periods and those will both be illustrated with a very strong and purposeful voice.And I would even argue that, why would Captain America leave Wolverine alone with a time cube when he said “I am going to go back and kill Hank Pym” unless he was on some level okay with it.”

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