UPDATE: For the latest on this story see what happened in X-Men Blue #1.
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Is the original Wolverine returning this summer?
 A clawed mystery “man” may have X-fans scratching their heads.
X-Men: Blue #5 courtesy Marvel

Ain’t nothing like the real thing but is it him?

X-23/Laura Kinney graduated to becoming the All-New Wolverine and Old Man Logan joined the Marvel Now after Secret Wars. Fans still wonder if and when James Howlett could be resurrected, especially since the upcoming relaunch is ResurrXion.

 Writer Cullen Bunn revealed (via Twitter) two covers from Marvel’s June 2017 previews we see a familiar figure (pixalated) on the Arthur Adams covers for X-Men: Blue #5, 6.
The solicit teases, “The Return of – ” and the team will be heading to Madripoor, the former stomping grounds of Logan back when he was Patch in the first ongoing Wolverine volume.
But this could be a just a blood red herring.
The X-Men are investigating the New Marauders with Mister Sinister guest starring.
Sinister (Nathaniel Essex) is a scientist obsessed with mutant genetics and cloning. In Origin II, Kieron Gillen revealed an old encounter when James was captured and experimented on by Sinister.
Is this the real thing? Is this a Wolverine clone?
Could it be Daken? Wolverine’s son stabbed X-23 during the Death of Wolverine follow up Wolverines, which also featured Sinister.
X-Men: Blue by Cullen Bunn and Jorge Molina stars the original time-lost X-Men (Jean Grey, Cyclops, Angel, Beast, Iceman) with Magneto as their mentor.
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