Death of Wolverine: The Logan Legacy #2 courtesy Marvel

After 17 film Hugh Jackman leaves the role of Wolverine. Logan may be the end for Jackman but what about the character?

Fox is continuing the X-Men franchise with films (Deadpool 2 is confirmed, New Mutants, another X-Men are speculation) and television series (Legion on FX, an X-Men pilot directed by Bryan Singer.)

The fan-favorite X-Man was killed off in the comics (Death of Wolverine) but his clone Laura/X-23 is now wearing his classic costume and sporting his code-name in All-New Wolverine.

Old Man Logan (Wolverine from an alternate future) is fighting with the X-Men in the comics now.

What will be the Logan Legacy on screen now?

Did Logan introduce the next Wolverine or will the X-franchise mutate into something new? 

Just in case you haven’t seen Logan here’s a SPOILER ALERT!


Here it comes.

What/Who could be next?

All-New Wolverine in X-Force?

Logan/James Howlett dies saving Laura/X-23 (Dafne Keen) and other artificially created mutants in the Logan finale. There’s no denying the popularity of X-23. She was created for the X-Men: Evolution animated series before jumping into the comic books, first in NYX, a solo series then as a student in New X-Men, a member of X-Force and now as All-New Wolverine.

Cable, the son of Cyclops from the future, founded the first X-Force. Wolverine lead two versions of X-Force, a pro-active team striking mutant enemies before they could attack. The first squad included Laura. The second featured Deadpool. Could Wade Wilson recruit Laura in a X-Force film following Deadpool 2? If time-traveling Cable is in the project could it lead to Logan (Jackman) returning?

All-Wolverine and HER X-Men?

What if Laura’s story picks up later with a teen or young adult Laura assuming her father’s legacy, costume and code-name leading her fellow survivors and other new mutants? Could Laura reunite with her comic book half-brother? Daken is the biological son of Wolverine. Akihiro (his given name) was Logan’s child with a Japanese woman who was killed shortly after his birth. Daken inherited his father’s mutant powers and raised by Romulus, an ancient mutant (possibly leading canine like Lupines as far back as ancient Rome) to hate and torment his father. Daken used his powers (including pheromone manipulation) and his fluid sexuality to forge a criminal empire and even impersonated his father on a team of imposter Avengers and X-Men. What if Laura vowed to expose and defeat her imposter half-brother?

Wolverine and the Avengers?

Marvel and Sony reached an agreement so a new Spider-Man is swinging in the Marvel Cinematic Universe finally and a new webslinger (Tom Holland) is leading a Spidey reboot.

Marvel and Fox are teaming up for Legion and an upcoming X-Men television series. Could this be the beginning of a Marvel/Fox agreement to have X-Men and Avengers together in the same film? Could Jackman return if it meant fighting alongside Robert Downey, Jr’s Iron Man, Chris Evans as Captain America or would it a perfect opportunity for a recast/reboot like they did with Spidey?

How do you want to see Wolverine strike again and played by who on the big screen again?

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