In a comic book universe with more than one Captain America, Spider-Man, Hulk, out of time X-Men and more legacy heroes…is a war on the way?

Generations courtesy Marvel

Marvel revealed a stunning teaser by legendary artist Alex Ross titled Generations coming 2017. The publisher has introduced several legacy next generation heroes that are fan-favorites. Is Generations when different heroes sharing the same role team-up or clash?

Let’s break down who’s who, where are they know and what this could mean.

Phoenix and Jean Grey, Wolverines (James Howlett and Laura Kinney); Thor (Odinson and Jane Foster), Captain America (Steve Rogers and Sam Wilson), Nova (Richard Rider, Sam Alexander), more on the Captain Marvels in the middle later, Hawkeyes (Clint Barton and Kate Bishop), Iron Man (Tony Stark and Riri Williams), Spider-Men (Peter Parker and Miles Morales), Hulk (Bruce Banner aka Incredible, Amadeus Cho aka Totally Amazing.) The middle includes Captain Marvel, the late Kree warrior Mar-vell, Carol Danvers in her Ms. Marvel and Captain Marvel costumes and new Ms. Marvel (Kamala Khan.)

The original Jean Grey/Phoenix is still dead. Young Jean Grey from the past will headline her own book and lead the team in X-Men: Blue as part of X-Men ResurrXion.

The original Wolverine/Logan/James Howlett is dead. Former X-23/Laura Kinney now wears the famous costume and code-name. Old Man Logan (a Wolverine from an alternate future) is in the current Marvel time and part of the cast of X-Men: Gold.

Steve Rogers was changed into a Hydra sleeper agent last year (his past changed by the Cosmic Cube) but his secret will be revealed in the Secret Empire event. Wilson is leading the Avengers and starring in his own title.

Nova/Sam is member of the Champions recently reunited with Rider who escaped death in a rival universe.

Hawkeye/Clint is starring in Occupy Avengers while Kate is a private eye in her own solo book.

Tony Stark is in a coma following Civil War II but chose Riri Williams as his successor while Victor Von Doom is the Infamous Iron Man.

Spider-Man/Parker is a tech billionaire in his solo book and in the Avengers. Marvel announced a second Spidey book earlier this week. Miles Morales (Spider-Man from the Ultimate Universe) headlines his own book and is in the Champions.

Bruce Banner was killed in Civil War II. Amadeus Cho stars in his own (Totally Amazing) book and in the Champions. Jennifer Walters (formerly She-Hulk) headlines Hulk.

Mar-vell died but he’s been resurrected before. Carol changed her costume and code-name. Kamala Khan took up the Ms. Marvel code-name to honor her favorite hero.

Some are already working together. Some legacy heroes (Miles, Kamala, Sam) disillusioned by Civil War II left the Avengers to form their own team, Champions.

The big burning question is the dead heroes? Will time travel bring old school and their modern counterparts together?

Before Generations, fans will see ResurrXion (a relaunch of the X-Men and Inhumans) and Secret Empire, Captain America’s Hydra takeover.

What do you think Generations could mean? Is there a lost hero you want to see return?

Let the speculation begin and stay tuned for updates.

By Editor