Thor vs Apocalypse in Uncanny Avengers

Uncanny Avengers #9 courtesy Marvel
Uncanny Avengers #9 courtesy Marvel

Thor versus Apocalypse in the 11th century! The battle between the Thunder God and the classic X-Men villain will rock the timestream in a brand new arc of Uncanny Avengers kicking off this week.

The Apocalypse Twins were born in the last issue and Kang the Conqueror made his move! What could this mean for the team and future of the Marvel Universe?

Daniel Acuna gives the Apocalypse a new look as the new artist on the series. The immortal mutant played a huge role in Rick Remender’s Uncanny X-Force run even though he didn’t appear in his most iconic form. Remender tells how Apocalypse factors into the next arc:

“Well the important thing was to find a way to mix the A and the X. And that was a lot of work. So I threw out most of my outline for the sequel to the Dark Angel Saga. And I kept the four most important things that I was excited about and the things that most closely tie in to characters like Wolverine or Sunfire, characters that have been tainted by this and manipulated by [Apocalypse]. So as I was building [the story], it was important to find how it was an X-Men story and also an Avengers story. And that’s where Kang grew out of. Kang’s favorite thing is to set himself up with a giant puzzle or challenge so that he can actually earn his victory as a warrior and an intellectual champion.

So it presents a lot of really fun opportunities and then I started tying in the Rama Tut/Apocalypse of it all, and then I thought “oh, Rama Tut is Kang.” And I was like, “Yaaaay!” And then I threw my arms in the air and said, I am a genius, and then got hit by a truck [Laughs]. So that’s how that went down.”

Uncanny Avengers #6 courtesy Marvel
Uncanny Avengers #6 courtesy Marvel

Apocalypse’s origin is tied to Kang. Apocalypse has turned Wolverine, Sunfire and Gambit into his Horsemen in the past. Remender says he will explore the ancient mutant’s ties to the God of Thunder.

“Well one thing new when Jason Aaron was building Young Thor, and I was putting these pieces together, was, I was actually on the phone with Dan Slott, and I had the X, and he kept reminding me that you need to make sure that the A and the X meet. And in building something like this, it’s never really been done, there’s never been an Avengers/X-Men book, so those are the kinds of things that have been very helpful for me, and have helped to keep me on track.

With Thor, we now see Thor in the tenth century; we now know what Thor was like, back in the day, with this weapon he’s got, this axe. So Jason and I spent a few afternoons on the phone talking about my plans and talking about how Thor could fit into [them], and more importantly, how that axe could be the most important relic in the Marvel Universe, and that’s something that will be buried in this interview and most people won’t pick up on.

But that axe becomes the new thing, and in issue #6, we see how the meeting of Thor and Apocalypse leads to that axe becoming one of the most powerful weapons in the Marvel Universe. So it was just hours and hours and hours of brainstorming and figuring out how does Thor connect to this, and how does young Thor connect to this, and how does Apocalypse, and Rama Tut and Kang—how does all this happen in the tenth century as the inciting incident for the biggest story I’ve ever written?

I knew where I wanted to get to and to act naturally and fit into a really big story slot that I needed and from there it just sort of built itself and it’s pretty perfect. It was also nice to take what Jason is setting up in THOR, and reflect on it in the modern Marvel Universe and see it have an effect on things in a huge huge way. You want to make sure these things connect, you want to make sure there are a lot of different personal reasons for the characters to want to take down the villains, and this was the inciting incident that got me all of that moving forward in a pretty perfect way.”

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