This Week in X-Men



  Two arrogant young guns target Wolverine. Is Kitty Pryde’s mystery pregnancy under alien influence. Love and death. It’s a big week for X-fans with 6 new titles hitting comic book stores this week.

Wolverine and the X-Men #5

  Kitty Pryde pregnant. Billions of Brood show up and I don’t think it’s for a shower. Are these the old school nasty aliens or like new student Broo? Is Colossus the daddy?

X-Men #24

The fun-loving, fireworks generating mall rat is long gone and is the X-Men’s resident Goth girl. Jubilee is now an undead casualty of Marvel’s vampire wars. Raizo and the Forgiven show up to give the former X-girl a lesson in her vampire heritage.

Wolverine and the X-Men: Alpha and Omega #2

Has Wolverine met his match? Omega level telepath Quentin Quire traps Logan and Armor inside Wolverine’s mind but the entire Jean Grey School may be the physical effects of Quire’s psi-game.

Daken: Dark Wolverine#21

  Another Arrogant young buck is taking a  shot at Wolverine this week! Logan’s son starts his final endgame as the series builds to the big finale. Will Daken live long enough to get his revenge?

Deadpool #50

 Simple and easy…DEAD1

New Mutants #37 courtesy

New Mutants #37

  This is one hell of a Valentine’s Day issue! Magma made a deal with the devil to save her friends now she must go on a date with Mephisto!