This Geek’s Top Panels for GeekGirlCon in Seattle

  The GEEK will be celebrated and SHE has earned it! GeekGirlCon will honor contributions of women to geek culture. The first event was a sold out smash and organizers have listened to fan input in planning this year’s event in Seattle this weekend.

  Here are there top panels I’m most excited about:

  Moffat’s Women: Companions, Travelers, Gender Roles and TARDISES in Doctor WhoRiver Song, Amy Pond, Donna Noble, Rose Tyler and Martha Jones (my personal favorite) are the women who make Doctor Who’s journeys so compelling. This panel discusses the female characters Executive Producer Steven Moffat created, both now and under Russell T. Davies. The panelist will take on: transgender issues implied by a Time Lord’s regenerative ability, the representation of LGBT characters (omnisexual Captain Jack Harkness!) and lifestyles and The Doctor’s Wife (aka the TARDIS.)

Batgirl #12 courtesy DC Comics

 Gail Simone and the Batgirl of San Diego: Batgirls, One Year Later –Gail Simone blazed a trail with dynamic writing and powerful characters in Birds of Prey and Secret Six plus she wrote Deadpool and The Simpsons. Last year Simone took Barbara Gordon out of her wheelchair and put her back on the streets of Gotham City in a reboot of Batgirl. At least year’s SDCC Simone donned a cape and cowl while asking pointed questions about the lack of female representation in comics. Gail Simone and “The Batgirl of San Diego” discuss the state of comics today and the future. Spotlight on Gail Simone is on Sunday in a discussion of her career, her views on social issues and women in comics.

  Jane Espenson and Husbands—A Comedy for the Marriage Equality Age Espenson has written for Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Battlestar Galactica and Warehouse 13. Husbands is her web show in the tradition of classic comedies. Producers and cast will discuss making the show and its future.

From Jedi Princess to Sith Witch: An Exploration of Female Characters in Star Wars – From Leia to Padme and all the witches, bounty hunters, smugglers and women who light up both sides of The Force in the sci-fi universe.

There are two days packed with more panels about gaming, blogging and more. Here’s my preview of GeekGirlCon 2012.

 GeekGirlCon 2012 is THIS WEEKEND at the Conference Center in Seattle. Click here to buy passes.

By Editor