Emerald City Comicon Day 2 Costume Parade


That's a big hammer Thor at ECCC, ComicsBlend.com

The craziest, busiest day of Emerald City Comicon brought out devoted fans demonstrating their geek love with cosplay. Here are some highlights of the costumed super fans at Seattle’s big event:

Promoting that small indie movie you may have heard about? Iron Man & Captain America at ECCC, ComicsBlend.com


Amazon Princess in Seattle at ECCC, ComicsBlend.com


Darth Maul at ECCC, ComicsBlend.com


Venom at ECCC, ComicsBlend.com


Classic & New Dr. Who


Black Cat, Batgirl,Lil Cyclops, Hope and Dad Cyclops at ECCC, ComicsBlend.com


I grabbed an arrow with Green Arrow (AJ Roberts) at ECCC, ComicsBlend.com


Iron Fist is ready to fight at ECCC, ComicsBlend.com


Batgirl, Nightwing, Deathsroke, Red Hood, Robin and Alfred at ECCC, ComicsBlend.com


Rogue, Punisher and Kid Deadpool at ECCC, ComicsBlend.com


X-Women Hope & Storm at ECCC, ComicsBlend.com


Classic & New Avengers at ECCC, ComicsBlend.com


My favorite X-couple: Colossus & Kitty Pryde at ECCC, ComicsBlend.com


Iron Fist and Captain Britain in a Marvel panel at ECCC, ComicsBlend.com


Edgy Batman family at ECCC, ComicsBlend.com


Claremont/Byrne era Phoenix & Nightcrawler at ECCC, ComicsBlend.com


Let's hear it for Xorn at ECCC, ComicsBlend.com


Disco Dazzler at ECCC, ComicsBlend.com


Hulk Win Contest! at ECCC, ComicsBlend.com


Stargate Atlantis Wraiths Attach at ECCC, ComicsBlend, photo by Cliff Olmstead


Bat family at ECCC, ComicsBlend.com, photo by Cliff Olmstead



Northstar’s Brief X-Men Return


Northstar to the rescue. Courtesy Marvel.com

Mike Carey’s final X-Men: Legacy arc begins. X-Fans already know which side of Schism Rogue chooses but this issue explores how she reaches her decision. Issue 259 arrived in stores yesterday and Carey filled it will several exciting and moving moments.

  One surprise in this issue was the appearance of Northstar as X-men gathered around Rogue in an experiment after her embrace of Magneto revealed a big new mystery. In the Regenesis books so far we haven’t seen Jean Paul listed on Cyclops or Wolverine’s team. In my earlier post I made the case for Northstar’s official return back to the X-Men now that Alpha Flight has been cancelled.

  While I’m at it – if Archie Comics is bold enough to have a gay wedding for Kevin Keller how about more screen time for Jean Paul? Gay or straight, Northstar is a powerful character, an asset for any X-team.


Comic Creators Featured in OUT100

The Power Within from Northwest Press, Art by Mark Brill

The creators of an anti-bullying comic book are part of OUT100. Zan Christensen and Mark Brill are featured in Out Magazine’s annual salute to the most inspiring people of the year.

 Disturbed by stories of bullied gay teens committing suicide, the writer and artist created The Power Within. It’s the story of a gay teen picked on at school who is protected by his superhero alter ego. Comic Book Stars Phil Jiminez, Gail Simone, Greg Rucka made contributions to the issue.

The Power Within is published by Northwest Press. Christensen’s company publishes comic collections and graphic novels with gay characters and themes.

Thanks to Halley Griffin of KOMONEWS.COM for her features on the hometown creators and their inspiring project. I was lucky to have my copy autographed by Mark at the Jet City Comic Book Show. Congratulations Zan and Mark.