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Domino in X-Men #39 by courtesy Marvel

Domino in X-Men #39 by courtesy Marvel

When will more X-Women make it to the big screen?

Even Negasonic Teenage Warhead is starring in a movie and she appeared in only one X-Men issue. (Well she kinda made a brief comeback in Emma’s psychic guilt nightmare)

All the recent photos of Mohawk Storm and Psylocke in X-Men: Apocalypse and the previously named-dropped mutant above in Deadpool has us wishing for more of the Women of the Atom to make the leap off the comic page.

With Fox planning more X-Men spinoffs and possible live action television series, we picked the X-Women we want to see the most: Continue reading

DEADPOOL’S LEADING LADY For Your Consideration

X-Force #11 courtesy Marvel

X-Force #11 courtesy Marvel

Morena Baccarin is starring opposite Ryan Reynolds in Deadpool according to THW.

The actress with an impressive resume (Firefly, Serenity, Homeland, Gotham) brings a built-in fan base for her previous roles but who will she play in the X-Men spinoff?

Here are three comic characters to join the big screen adventure of the Merc with a Mouth:


This femme fatale would be a blast from the 90’s past and the New Mutants/X-Force era back when Deadpool was still known as a ruthless mercenary. Continue reading

DOMINO IS A X-FORCE To Be Reckoned With

X-Force #15 courtesy Marvel

X-Force #15 courtesy Marvel

The latest version of X-Force comes to a close with a major showdown. Cable and his squad take the fight to their teammate turned enemy Fantomex in issue 15 this week. Si Spurrier has a track record of X-books starring the most out there mutants among a race of outcasts including X-Club, X-Men Legacy with Legion and Blindfold and the nearly departed X-Force.


As Spurrier discussed the final mission briefing one fan asked about a character dear to our hearts: Domino.

What might have been with Neena if the book wasn’t coming to an end. Continue reading

X-MEN Characters In DEADPOOL Movie? For Your Consideration

Deadpool #1 courtesy Marvel

Deadpool #1 courtesy Marvel

With the announcement of a Deadpool solo movie in 2016 – let the speculation begin!

Will Ryan Reynolds reprise his role as Wade Wilson and continue the story from X-Men Origins: Wolverine or will Fox completely reboot the anti-hero’s story. Remember, X-Men: Days of Future Past reset the timeline.

Who else should be in a Deadpool movie?

X-Force? Deadpool was introduced in New Mutants which became the first version of the pro-active mutant squad led by Cable. Deadpool wasn’t on the team but he was part of the underground world Continue reading


X-Force #7 courtesy Marvel

X-Force #7 courtesy Marvel

Domino is back!


The luck powered mutant mercenary is blasting her way into X-Force #7 this week.


Domino was part of Cable and X-Force before the reboot into X-Force by Simon Spurrier and Rock He-Kim. She didn’t make the cut when two books ended and the rebirth of a one and only X-Force.



Cable, Psylocke, Fantomex and Marrow have taken on the superhuman arms dealer Volga. Cable’s team is barely surviving the war against their new enemy and each other as tension build among the tightly wound unit.


To win – this team needs a little luck! Continue reading

DOMINO & DAREDEVIL Flashback Friday

X-Men #38 courtesy Marvel

This week’s big news of a Daredevil series from Netflix and the first issue of Longshot Saves the Marvel Universe made me think of…Domino?


Hang in with me. Domino has luck power like Longshot. A new X-Force was announced without Neena on the team. All this made me think of when the luckiest mutant teamed up with the Man Without Fear.


In the category of “….and now for something completely different…” Continue reading

Uncanny Avengers vs. X-Force

Cable and X-Force #14 courtesy Marvel

Cable and X-Force #14 courtesy Marvel

Cable and X-Force vs. Uncanny Avengers!


The final showdown happens in Cable and X-Force #14.


Hope may be the only one to save her adoptive father.


Writer Dennis Hopeless says don’t count Cable and company out just because they up against some of Marvel’s most powerful heroes. Continue reading