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Titans of Convergence courtesy DC Comics

Titans of Convergence courtesy DC Comics

Convergence is the 2015 event bringing back heroes and villains from multiple Earths and continuities. Brainiac collects lost Earths in bottles like Kandor until he opens them on a mysterious planet. The teaser starring new villain Telos and characters from classic DC eras inspired fans to wonder which classic heroes will finally enter The New 52 continuity.

Donna Troy is one of our top characters to make a comeback in Convergence. Troy has multiple powers and identities (Wonder Girl, Darkstar, Troia) so if she returns, which costume and code-name will it be? Continue reading


Convergence courtesy DC Comics

Convergence courtesy DC Comics

Convergence is taking over the DC Universe literally.

DC Comics announced a nine-week event starting in April 2015 which will replace all their regular ongoing books for two months.

Heroes from multiple Earths have been captured by Brainiac who will unleash them on a mystery planet.

This could be huge news for fans of the old school continuity before The New 52 reboot four years back.

What does this teaser reveal? Continue reading


Convergence courtesy DC Comics

Convergence courtesy DC Comics

A new villain in a story so big DC Comics is putting its entire line on hiatus for 2 months.

Convergence is a new beginning after the finales of Earth 2: World’s End and DC The New 52 Futures End weekly series and features characters from the past eight decades of the DC Universe.

Convergence will be a nine-week series with 40 two-part miniseries in April and May. It all starts with a zero issue on April 1. Continue reading


Superman #38 courtesy DC Comics

Superman #38 courtesy DC Comics

The Man of Steel kicks off 2015 with a new suit and more.

DC Comics revealed Superman #38 will see an all-new look for Kal El.

The extra-sized issue by Geoff Johns, John Romita Jr. and Klaus Janson will conclude the team’s first arc ending with a “new costume, new powers and new friends and enemies.”

Superman will be sent on “a new path” and “Clark Kent will be forced to make a shocking decision.”

The Return of Superman featured a radically different electric blue Superman. When the Man of Steel debuted in The New 52 his costume was altered to not have the red briefs over blue – similar to the Man of Steel movie.

We will see the new look in Superman #38 on January 28 – or sooner in previews.

To recapture the first arc by Johns and Romita Jr click here: Superman Volume 6 of The New 52.

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New Suicide Squad #1 courtesy DC Comics

New Suicide Squad #1 courtesy DC Comics

Fury blasted to the top of the box-office now director David Ayer is gunning for DC Comics most infamous villains.

Suicide Squad is the next DC Comics movie after Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice in Warner Brothers lineup of films.

In a new interview the director assures fans of his approach to the team.

“I can say that it’s a Dirty Dozen with supervillains,” Ayer told Empire. “Then I can ask the question, ‘Does a movie really need good guys?’” Continue reading


Arkham Manor #1 courtesy DC Comics

Arkham Manor #1 courtesy DC Comics

Once Batman captures all his crazy arch-enemies what does he do with them?


When you can’t put them in Gotham City’s most infamous institution Wayne Manor becomes the new Arkham Asylum.


What happened to Arkham?


How is Batman (and Alfred) going to manage all the new “guests” at the estate? Continue reading


Batman and Robin #35 courtesy DC Comics

Batman and Robin #35 courtesy DC Comics

Batman is going to hell…almost!


Bruce Wayne invades Apokolips in Batman and Robin #35.


DC Comics shared a preview at New York Comic Con of the next chapter of Robin Rises before it hits next week.


Bruce Wayne is armed with a Batsuit built to take on the Justice League as he goes to war with the armies of Darkseid. Continue reading