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Justice League #36 courtesy DC Comics via Buzzfeed

Justice League #36 courtesy DC Comics via Buzzfeed

After drawing the Dark Knight Jason Fabok is taking on DC’s biggest heroes.


DC Comics announced Fabok will join Geoff Johns with Justice League #36 this November.

The artist tells Buzzfeed how he got the news:


“Over the past 4 years, I’ve had the opportunity to launch Batman:Eternal with Scott Snyder and an amazing cast of writers, work on the legendary Detective Comics with John Layman and draw the character of my dreams, Batman. I’m so thankful and blessed for these opportunities in my career. How could it get any better? Continue reading


Batman Eternal #21 courtesy DC Comics

Batman Eternal #21 courtesy DC Comics

I’m back in!

Batman Eternal is an ambitious epic story giving fans of every era a chance to see every ally, enemy and supporting cast member of the Dark Knight’s world.


The weekly series has veered, ebbed and flowed but Batman Eternal #11 this week is a like a jolt of adrenaline with major revelations, story curve balls and jaw-dropping surprises.


Batman confronts Carmine Falcone.

Alfred Pennyworth shows why he’s the most badass butler in history.

One cast member’s true allegiance is exposed.


But the biggest shocker…the criminal mastermind behind the whole story may have been revealed! Continue reading


The Multiversity #1 courtesy DC Comics

The Multiversity #1 courtesy DC Comics

President Superman.

Captain Carrot.

Red Racer.

Just some of the heroes from parallel universes in a new project from the mind of Grant Morrison.


The Multiversity #1 of 9 introduces 52 worlds each with a unique spin on classic DC heroes and villains. Morrison (Batman, Incorporated, All-Star Superman, JLA) teams with all-star team of artists to take you into 52 alternate Earths of DC Comics: The New 52 Multiverse. Continue reading

Two Writers Take On AQUAMAN

Aquaman #15 courtesy DC Comics

Aquaman #15 courtesy DC Comics

Two writers in competition to bring Aquaman to the big screen?


There’s been speculation and reports Jason Mamoa (Games of Thrones, Conan) will play the DC icon in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and then possibly Justice League.


Director Zack Snyder defended the relevance of the hero in a call in to a Detroit radio station.


Now Warner Brothers has tapped Kurt Johnstad (300: Rise of An Empire) and Will Beall (Gangster Squad) to write scripts for Aquaman according to Variety.  The story goes on to clarify the writers are not co-writing but working on two separate scripts.


An Aquaman film is not slated but Warner and announced several dates from 2016 to 2020 which would include more team and solo films starring heroes of the DC Universe.


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DC MOVIES After BATMAN v SUPERMAN? For Your Consideration

Batman V Superman Dawn of Justice courtesy Warner Brothers

Batman V Superman Dawn of Justice courtesy Warner Brothers

Following the news Warner Brothers is shifting release dates for Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice and nine more movies starring DC Comics heroes, fans are in a geek fever wondering what’s next after the Man of Steel/Dark Knight showdown?


The dates are: Continue reading


Batman #33 courtesy DC Comics

Batman #33 courtesy DC Comics

Happy Batman Day.


Along with Batman #33 the finale of Zero Year and Batman and Robin #33, DC Comics has something special for Batfans of every era for the Dark Knight’s 75th Anniversary today in comic book shops and online.


Here’s the official announcement:


“In celebration of Batman’s 75th anniversary, DC Entertainment is partnering with thousands of comic book retailers and bookstores across the nation to celebrate “Batman Day” on Wednesday, July 23. Continue reading

TEEN TITANS Begins Again

Teen Titans #1 courtesy DC Comics

Teen Titans #1 courtesy DC Comics

DC Comics relaunches Teen Titans with a brand new number and creative team this week.


Will Pfeifer (Red Hood & the Outlaws) and Kenneth Rocafort (Superman) launch the next chapter of DC’s teen dreams starring Red Robin, Wonder Girl, Raven, Bunker and Beast Boy.


The young crusaders have their own ideas on how to protect other super-powered teens who may turn out to be major villains or the next great hero. Continue reading