Best JAMES BOND Gadgets, Gear and Rides

courtesy Sony
courtesy Sony

The Aston-Martin comes roaring back with other super car action in SPECTRE. The 24th James Bond adventure marks the return of the classic car that dazzled fans in Goldfinger and Thunderball.

Daniel Craig’s latest mission makes nostalgic and look back at our 7 favorite gadgets from the 007 franchise:

Attache Case from From Russia, With Love.

The first proper Bond “gadget” from the second and our favorite film. Q (Major Boothroyd) outfits Bond with this cool case secretly packing ammunition, a sniper rifle, throwing knife, gold sovereigns and a tear gas cartridge. This case was critical in Bond’s Orient Express encounter with the assassin Red Grant (Robert Shaw) one of my favorite henchmen of the series. Continue reading Best JAMES BOND Gadgets, Gear and Rides


courtesy Sony
courtesy Sony

The spectre of Ian Fleming fills SPECTRE.

In interviews the heirs of Albert R. “Cubby” say their famous father would say always go back to the Fleming books when in doubt about the direction of the 007 film franchise.

EON Productions did just that when they reset the series by hiring Daniel Craig and making a film based on the first Fleming novel, Casino Royale.

As fans eagerly await for SPECTRE, the spirit of Ian Fleming and Albert Broccoli is clear and present in the 24th Bond film. It’s astonishing to think after more than 50 years and all those films there are still elements of Fleming’s books we are seeing for the first time in the film franchise. Continue reading Spectre of IAN FLEMING in SPECTRE


James Bond #1 courtesy Dynamite Entertainment
James Bond #1 courtesy Dynamite Entertainment

A double hit of 007 is on target.

Daniel Craig returns in SPECTRE on the big screen next month.

James Bond hits comic book shops courtesy a brand new series from Dynamite Entertainment by Warren Ellis and Jason Masters.

Ellis has a long resume of writing spies (Red, Global Frequency, Stormwatch) but how does he see the world’s most famous secret agent:

Who is James Bond? Continue reading WHO Is JAMES BOND By WARREN ELLIS

New SPECTRE Poster

courtesy Sony
courtesy Sony

A new poster for the new James Bond film with an old school vibe.

Daniel Craig returns as 007 in SPECTRE but this poster could make some fans think of Live And Let Die, Roger Moore’s first 007 film.

Craig in his white tux stands over a villain in a skeleton mask. The new film opens with Bond on a mission in Mexico City during the Day of the Dead festival with Craig under the mask.

In Live and Let Die, Moore’s 007 faced off against a villain with the henchman Baron Samedi, a voodoo icon who often dressed in a skull motif and makeup. Continue reading New SPECTRE Poster

JAMES BOND Hunting and Hunted In New SPECTRE Trailer


A new trailer for the new James Bond adventure SPECTRE is here from

Daniel Craig back as 007 with director Sam Mendes following the billion dollar success of SKYFALL.

Bond goes rogue while searching for a secret organization and the mystery man first seen in CASINO ROYALE.

007 is hunting and hunted with two mystery women and it all builds up to a villain we haven’t seen on screen since the Connery era and a chilling performance by an Oscar-winner.

Take a look: Continue reading JAMES BOND Hunting and Hunted In New SPECTRE Trailer



It’s not just the Bond women but it’s the Bond cars that fuel the fantasies of the 007 adventures.

Daniel Craig is currently shooting SPECTRE around the globe. Sony shows us behind-the-scenes action in Rome, Italy with two dream cars, Craig and co-star Dave Bautista who plays villain Mr. Hinx, and the masterminds of the stunts and action set pieces.

Bond in Aston Martin DB10 and Hinx in the Jaguar C-X75 will race through Rome in the 24th 007 film.

See the supercars especially built for Bond and the insiders insight on what will be a big moment in the film:

Watch and enjoy: Continue reading JAMES BOND’S SPECTRE SUPERCARS

SPECTRE Teaser Trailer


The first teaser trailer for SPECTRE is here via

This is the first look at the 24th James Bond adventure with Daniel Craig back as 007 for a fourth time.

SPECTRE follows SKYFALL, the biggest Bond film of all time, which took in $1.1 billion worldwide. Director Sam Mendes is for the follow-up.

“You’re got a secret,” Miss Moneypenny (Naomie Harris) says to Bond after something turns up in the ruins of Skyfall.

Take a look: Continue reading SPECTRE Teaser Trailer


SPECTRE courtesy
SPECTRE courtesy

Daniel Craig is back in black in the teaser poster for SPECTRE. revealed the striking image of the star as Bond…James Bond.

Director Sam Mendes is back for the follow up to Skyfall.
The title for the new film is an homage to the classic Connery past. SPECTRE (Special Executive for Counter-Intelligence, Terror Revenge and Extortion) was an evil organization led by Ernst Stavro Blofeld in Ian Fleming’s novels.


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