SUPERMAN REBORN Son of Superman Mystery

Superman #18 courtesy DC Comics

Shock and heartbreak for Lois and Clark as Superman Reborn began. This four-part Superman/Action Comics crossover promises to reveal secrets behind Rebirth of Superman/Clark Kent(s!) and tie into the biggest mystery of DC Universe Rebirth.

Superman #18 by Peter J. Tomasi, Patrick Gleason and Mick Gray features a happy milestone for DC’s super couple but the celebration takes a dark turn as the Man of Steel learns he’s not powerful enough.
For new readers, Lois and Clark have settled in the small town of Hamilton raising their son Jon. This the married Lois and Clark from before The New 52. Thanks to the Convergence event, this couple are living in secret in this small town raising their Super Son.
The New 52 Superman died but a mysterious other Clark Kent has appeared in Action Comics.
In DC Universe: Rebirth #1, a mystery man named Mr. Oz confronted Superman claiming to know who he really is with an ominous warning:

“You and your family are not what you believe you are. And neither was the fallen Superman.”
This same mystery mastermind has kidnapped certain characters as part of an overall plot against the heroes of the DC Universe. One of them escapes leading to tragedy for the Kents.
Before we continue here’s a SPOILER ALERT!
If you have not read Superman #18 yet stop reading now.
Here it comes.
Someone has escaped Mr. Oz’s prison.
In the call are scribblings “Superman WILL save me. Superman Please Please save me. Superman, where are you?
The empty cell is covering with other crudely drawn symbols of the Superman legacy including the Daily Planet logo, Kal-El’s rocket in space, the Kents who adopted Kal-El and S symbols – all appearing to be drawn by a child…or perhaps a childlike figure.
The chilling scene cuts to happy times in Hamilton County as Lois and Clark celebrate their anniversary. Jon even helps blown out the candles on the cake.
Clark Kent comes a calling. The mysterious Clark Kent from Metropolis leaves a gift at the door – a photo book filled with Clark’s memories that are iconic images for Superman fans.
A fire erupts in the house but instead of burning everything, it erasing everything it touches – including Jon Kent.
Superman wraps the disappearing Jon in his cape to fly him out of the flames but it’s not enough.
The house is gone.
Jon is gone.
The photo book is empty.
“Clark Kent” took Superman’s son but why?
The mystery of Superman Reborn continues in Action Comics #975 next week.
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