Superior Spider-Man

Superior Spider-Man #1 courtesy Marvel

  Amazing Spider-Man swings for the final time with issue #700 but in 2013 your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man is feeling Superior! Marvel Comics is shaking up their roster of famous heroes and titles. The relaunch will mean a brand new and darker webslinger. Today’s news may give current fans chills over the fate of Peter Parker.

 Marvel announced Superior Spider-Man #1 will debut this January with current AMS writer Dan Slott and artist Ryan Stegman will spin the tales of a new Spidey. Slott reveals what makes a Superior Spider-Man on

“That’s a tricky thing. It could be their powers. It could be an overestimation of their self-worth. It could be that they’re calling themselves Superior Spider-Man. Or it truly could be that they have some qualities that Peter Parker lacks. How is that possible?”

 Peter Parker’s adventures are filled with some fan-favorites supporting characters. How will the new title and leading man interact with the Parker’s friends and allies?

“This is still very much the world of Spider-Man. There may be a new Spider-Man here, doing things in a new and different way, but you’re going to see the Spider-cast reacting to this. You’re going to see how this Spider-Man will deal with our Spider-Man’s villains. How will he react to this Spider-Man’s supporting cast? Whoever makes it out of AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #700 will find a different Spider-Man waiting for them when Superior Spider-Man starts.”

 Dan Slott teased a potential new Sinister Six and confirmed the return of the Vulture.

For many characters, and for many things in Spider-Man’s world, there are dark days ahead,” Slott revealed about Parker’s friends at Horizon Labs.


Amazing Spider-Man #700 courtesy Marvel

Does this mean Peter Parker will die in Amazing Spider-Man #700? Slott has reportedly said he will have to hide from the public after the milestone issue.

“Passions run high and fast. And I expect many message boards to be consumed with flames as all this stuff goes down. But at the same time, I feel that once #700 is over, and when SUPERIOR launches, I think a lot of people are going to walk into this and go, “what have they done?” But when they get to the end of SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN #1, there will be a moment of, “oooh,” and then it’ll be safe for me to poke my head out and to walk the streets again.”

Ryan Stegman, Humberto Ramos and Giusseppe Camucoli will be the artist on the new series.

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