STARFIRE & GRAYSON Together Again?

Starfire #8 courtesy DC Comics
Starfire #8 courtesy DC Comics

A Titan-ic romance in 2016?

Sorry Jason Todd and Roy Harper, for Starfire fans it was always about Dick Grayson…unless they’re in the Barbara Gordon/Grayson camp.

Before The New 52, Dick Grayson was Robin then Nightwing and he fell in love with an alien warrior princess from Tamaran.

The legendary Marv Wolfman era Titans team lives on in Titans Hunt #1 which arrives this week. This is a new spinoff after the successs of Convergence.

In The New 52, The Teen Titans are different but Dick and Kori had a brief relationship before she joined Red Hood and the Outlaws. Dick no longer had a code-name, faked his death and is an undercover spy. Kori is living in the Florida Keys on her own in a new ongoing. The star-crossed former lovers reunite but will it last?

Here’s the official teaser for January’s big issue:

“Is Dick Grayson here to stay? Starfire has tackled some big threats during her stay in Key West—from hurricanes to intergalactic bounty hunters, from insane murderers to gargantuan monsters from the deep and everything in between. But our hero’s biggest challenge may be choosing between an ex and a new love interest.”

Starfire #8 by Amanda Conner, Jimmy Palmiotti with art by Emanuela Lupacchino and Ray McCarthy arrives January 13th.

Who’s your favorite super pairing: Dick and Starfire or Dick and Batgirl?

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