SPIDER-MAN HOMECOMING Comic Book Counterparts

The friendly neighborhood Spider-Man took over the world again!

There may be five previous films but SPIDER-MAN HOMECOMING is fresh and exciting with more of Spidey’s mythos fans haven’t seen before on the big screen.

The new Peter Parker (Tom Holland) is fully part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe now and the new story was a fanboy’s dream weaving in the events of previous films.

Spider-Man Homecoming courtesy Marvel

But you may wonder who’s who?  How are these Spidey characters like their comic book counterparts?What could it mean for future films?

We’re going to save the big ones: Vulture and Liz, the villain and leading lady, for last so stay with us.

Ned is the scene-stealing comic relief and Peter’s best friend who learns his big secret. We don’t know if this Ned is Ned Leeds? In the comics Peter and Ned meet when they are working for the Daily Bugle and compete for the Betty Brant. Leeds becomes the masked villain Hobgoblin.

Betty Brant is the anchor of the student newscast at Midtown High School for Science and Technology. In the comics Betty was J. Jonah Jameson’s secretary at the Daily Bugle who married reporter Ned Leeds aka Hobgoblin. After Ned’s death, Betty established her own career as an investigative reporter and dated Flash Thompson.

Flash is Peter’s relentless rival at the school and on the quiz team. The new film’s Flash is a rich, super smart jerk. In the comics Flash Thompson is the high school jock who bullied Parker. Flash joined the U.S. Army became a war hero and joined a covert operation that turned him into Agent Venom – the first hero to wear the symbiote with the ability to control the alien.

Shocker/Herman Schulz is a member of Vulture’s gang of high-tech robbers and arms dealers. The movie Shocker’s background follows his comic book counterpart. The Shocker became one of Spidey’s biggest rogues and joined the Sinister Six, Masters of Evil and Thunderbolts.

Mason is the genius on Vulture’s crew who takes the stolen alien tech and turns them into weapons for sale. In comics Phineas Mason is known as The Tinkerer is a scientific genius/inventor with a who’s who list of criminal clients. Tinkerer created the Scorpion’s tale and suits/weapons for Rocket Racer, Jack O’Lantern, Hammerhead, Beetle, Owl, Diamondback, Grim Reaper and many more.

Mac Gargan is the criminal with the Scorpion tattoo. In the comics Gargan was a private investigator working for Jonah Jameson. Gargan underwent experiments and adopted an armored costume with a deadly tail and became the Scorpion. Gargan later bonded with the alien symbiote and the second villain to bear the code-name Venom.

Damage Control is a government agency co-owned by Tony Stark to clean up after superhero/supervillain clashes. In the comics Anne Marie Hoag is the boss of the company with investments from Stark and Wilson Fisk. Hoag’s history is a mystery but no doubt she’s a smooth negotiator by getting Stark, Fisk, Nick Fury and even Wolverine to help her construction company’s expansion.

Before we dive into the comic book origins of two characters we must give you a SPOILER ALERT because this gives away a major plot point.

If you have not seen SPIDER-MAN HOMECOMING yet stop reading now and run to the movies!


Here it comes.

Liz is Peter Parker’s high school sweetheart but a dark twist tears the teen sweethearts apart.

Daddy Deadly Dearest.

Liz is actually the daughter of Adrian Toomes aka The Vulture

In the comics Liz Allan is Flash Thompson’s girlfriend who joined the bullies who picked on Parker. When she learned Peter was Spider-Man she developed a crush on him. What’s worse than being Vulture’s daughter? How about Green Goblin’s wife?!

Liz left Parker’s life after high school graduation. He moved on to find love with Gwen Stacy and Mary Jane Watson. Liz returned as Norman Osborn’s wife and eventually the mother of Harry. Liz’s brother is Spidey rogue known as the Molten Man.

Vulture/Adrian Toomes is in prison and knows Spidey’s true identity. Will Vulture’s comic book exploits appear in sequels? In the comics Toomes’s Vulture identity and suit is stolen by his cellmate and later the gang leader recruits his own squad in prison who become the Vulturions.

The team behind SPIDER-MAN HOMECOMING took inspiration from a cast of characters mainly from his early days on the Daily Bugle but here’s hoping Spidey stays in Midtown School for the sequel.

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