Skyfall Bond Girl’s New Role

Berenice Marlohe courtesy MI6.COM

  New James Bond girl Berenice Marlohe has a new role associated with the famous super spy. The French actress is now an OMEGA brand ambassador and helped celebrated the opening of the new boutique in Venice. Daniel Craig’s 007 wears OMEGA in the films and his first film Casino Royale reached a big finish in Venice.

 Skyfall will be Marlohe’s first English language film and she tells describes her role as the enigmatic Severine.

 “For me,” she says, “enigmatic is very important because I wanted to create a character who couldn’t be stereotyped. It should not be obvious immediately what kind of person she is.” She adds, “Daniel Craig has added something special with James Bond – he’s both tough and vulnerable and it’s not always clear what he’s thinking. I want to do the same thing with Séverine – she’s not just on the screen to be saved by Bond.”

 For more of her interview here’s the link.

  By Editor