SECRET EMPIRE Video Teaser Trailer

If you’re still rocked and reeling from the new Thor: Ragnarok teaser trailer, Marvel didn’t let up and unleashed a Secret Empire teaser trailer.

Secret Empire #1 courtesy Marvel

Secret Empire is Marvel Comics big event in which Hydra conquers all but it’s not the Red Skull leading the attack…it’s Captain America. This is the culmination of Nick Spencer’s Cap run in which Steve’s history was rewritten. Rogers has been a Hydra sleeper agent all this time including Civil War II.

Marvel’s heroes stand divided following that superhero war. Tony Stark is in a coma. Bruce Banner is dead. The Odinson is Unworthy. X-Men and Inhumans just ended their own war.

Now Steve Rogers, the most trusted, admired Avenger turns out to an agent of evil.

Spencer and Steve McNiven (Civil War) team up for this event that exposes a terrible truth.

Watch this new teaser trailer with comments from Spencer and Executive Editor Tom Brevoort and preview art of Hydra’s ascension :

Secret Empire #1 arrives May 3rd.

Artists Andrea Sorrentino, Leinil Yu and Daniel Acuña will join Spencer for future issue. Mark Brooks is the series cover artist.

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