Steve Rogers seizes control of the Marvel Universe in Secret Empire, the culmination of the controversial story launched more than a year ago. Captain America is and has been a Hydra operative his whole existence (thanks to a Cosmic Cube rewrite). The heroes who call Rogers friend and teammate will learn the ugly truth as he conquers the world in a massive event.
A villain exposed. Look at the heroes rising against his Secret Empire.
Secret Empire: Underground courtesy Marvel
The resistance will erupt as Black Widow, Mockingbird and Emma Frost lead three tie-in titles and teams against the Hydra invasion.

Marvel announced Secret Empire: Underground by Jeremy Whitley and Eric Koda starring a group of heroes fighting against Steve Rogers on an adventure in the Savage Land.
Secret Empire Uprising (via CBR )by Derek Landy and J. Cassara starring Black Widow, Spider-Man/Miles Morales, Ironheart/Riri Williams, the new Unstoppable Wasp, Am/Totally Awesome Hulk/Amadeus Cho, Falcon and Vision.
Secret Empire United one-shot (via IGN ) by Jim Zub and Ario Anindito with a cover by Ryan Stegman show the X-Men fighting Hydra. This is the first look at Emma Frost following the IvX finale which established the X-Woman as a major villain again. On the cover Frost is wearing the new Hellfire Club inspired and Cyclops homage helmet seen in IvX. Frost is reportedly leading her own rival X-Men against Rogers in New Tian, mutant controlled region of United States.
Secret Empire: United courtesy Marvel

With Underground, Mockingbird leads the team including Sam Wilson, Hercules, Quicksilver Ant-Man- heroes all with a history with Rogers.

“I consider the emotional stakes really high here. All of our characters have things to lose. All of them have skin in the game. And in the case of characters like Sam Wilson, Steve has been a part of his life for years. I hope readers picking up this story can feel themselves on this crazy adventure with our team. It’s tense, but also, we see the team in the Savage Land and if you’re not the kind of person who wants to see Mockingbird and Hercules face off against T-Rexes, I don’t know what I can do for you.” Whitley told
Secret Empire begins in May. Secret Empire: Uprising, United, Underground follow in June.
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