ASTONISHING X-MEN Artists Revealed

A new Astonishing X-Men launches this summer with writer Charles Soule and a diverse cast (Old Man Logan, Rogue, Psylocke, Mystique, Archangel, Gambit, Bishop, Fantomex.) Now we know the superstar artists lined up for the epic story and why these mutants were chosen.

Astonishing X-Men #1 2017 courtesy Marvel

Marvel announced Jim Cheung, Ron Garney, ACO, Phil Noto, Greg Land and Ramon Rosanas will be artists on Soule’s serialized story. Cheung created this earlier preview image.

The writer (Death of Wolverine, Death of X, IvX) also revealed why he chose the cast of mutants for this relaunch: Continue reading ASTONISHING X-MEN Artists Revealed

New Comic Book Picks for March 29, 2017

Suicide Squad and the Banana Splits?! The beloved Saturday morning favorites and DC’s most infamous villains? It’s gonna be a crazy week at the comic book shop!

Suicide Squad Banana Splits Annual #1 courtesy DC Comics

It’s an overstuffed new comics picks of the week as two Marvel franchises relaunch with big Prime time issues plus DC heroes and villains teaming up with Hanna Barbera cartoon classics. Continue reading New Comic Book Picks for March 29, 2017


The first official trailer for Justice League is here.

After a week of sneak peeks and character posters the new trailer unites DC’s most famous heroes against an otherworldly threat.

Batman, Wonder Woman recruit Aquaman, Flash and Cyborg for a mission to save the planet.

Fans see a first look at Mera, Commissioner Jim Gordon and wait for it…Parademons!

Watch and come back for our break down:

Big burning questions: Continue reading JUSTICE LEAGUE First Trailer

GENERATIONS Brings Back Logan, Bruce Banner and More Lost MARVEL Heroes

Logan- the original Wolverine, Jean Grey, Bruce Banner and Tony Stark are coming back.  Marvel revealed the story behind this powerful Alex Ross image from last month.

Generations courtesy Marvel

Dead heroes will return. Classic heroes and their younger counterparts who share the same code-names will share adventures. Marvel Editor-In-Chief Axel Alonso revealed via ABC News announced Generations launching in July and running through September. Here are the books, characters and writers starring in Marvel’s summer event: Continue reading GENERATIONS Brings Back Logan, Bruce Banner and More Lost MARVEL Heroes

LEGION Villain Revealed, Is XAVIER Coming?

The monster haunting David Haller (Dan Stevens) is revealed on Legion. We’ve seen horrific hints of the creature on the FX series inspired by the son of Professor X in the comics.

Legion paid off in a massive way, especially for longtime X-fans. But there’s something strange and new coming from the producers inspired by one of strongest mutants.

Legion courtesy Marvel and FX

The big bad revealed – will it lead to the return of Professor X? Continue reading LEGION Villain Revealed, Is XAVIER Coming?