Steve Rogers seizes control of the Marvel Universe in Secret Empire, the culmination of the controversial story launched more than a year ago. Captain America is and has been a Hydra operative his whole existence (thanks to a Cosmic Cube rewrite). The heroes who call Rogers friend and teammate will learn the ugly truth as he conquers the world in a massive event.
A villain exposed. Look at the heroes rising against his Secret Empire.
Secret Empire: Underground courtesy Marvel
The resistance will erupt as Black Widow, Mockingbird and Emma Frost lead three tie-in titles and teams against the Hydra invasion.



Death of Wolverine: The Logan Legacy #2 courtesy Marvel

After 17 film Hugh Jackman leaves the role of Wolverine. Logan may be the end for Jackman but what about the character?

Fox is continuing the X-Men franchise with films (Deadpool 2 is confirmed, New Mutants, another X-Men are speculation) and television series (Legion on FX, an X-Men pilot directed by Bryan Singer.)

The fan-favorite X-Man was killed off in the comics (Death of Wolverine) but his clone Laura/X-23 is now wearing his classic costume and sporting his code-name in All-New Wolverine.

Old Man Logan (Wolverine from an alternate future) is fighting with the X-Men in the comics now.

What will be the Logan Legacy on screen now?

Did Logan introduce the next Wolverine or will the X-franchise mutate into something new?  Continue reading WOLVERINE Legacy After LOGAN?

DARTH VADER Book Reveals Secret Past

What happened to Darth Vader after Star Wars III: Revenge of the Sith?

Darth Vader #1 cover by Jim Cheung courtesy Marvel

The early years of Anakin Skywalker’s life under the infamous mask will be revealed in the next Star Wars comic. Continue reading DARTH VADER Book Reveals Secret Past

New Comic Book Picks for March 15, 2017

Batwoman Rebirth courtesy DC Comics

Batwoman goes solo, Vampirella resurrected, Spidey’s milestone and a twisted Star Trek tale are in this week’s new comic book picks of the week:

All-Star Batman #8

Hats and Bats! The Dark Knight in a new twisted tale against the Mad Hatter as artist Giuseppe Camuncoli joins Scott Snyder for the latest chapter in Ends of the Earth.

Batwoman #1

The Many Arms of Death begins. Kate Kane exits Gotham for a global hunt for crime lords responsible for the monster venom outbreak. Marguerite Bennett and Steve Epting give Batwoman her own new going series. Continue reading New Comic Book Picks for March 15, 2017

WONDER WOMAN Origin Trailer

Gal Gadot and Warner Brothers revealed the new Wonder Woman – official origin trailer after a debut on the Nickelodeon Kid Choice Awards.
The trailer came with the message “Witness the Future of Justice” but we see a film look at Diana as a child, teen and young warrior being trained on Themyscira.
Watch and enjoy:

Let’s break down what we see and don’t see: Continue reading WONDER WOMAN Origin Trailer


X-Force #7 courtesy Marvel

A fan-favorite bad girl from the X-Men is joining the Merc With a Mouth’s movie sequel.

Actor/Executive Ryan Reynolds announced via Twitter Zazie Beetz (Atlanta) will be playing Domino in Deadpool 2.

The star cleverly gave fans a double tweet reveal. First with dominoes spelling out the actress’s name with “Domino Effect” then showing the actress head shot on the comic book body of Domino, now starring in Deadpool and the Mercs for Money with “Zazie Beets Effect.”

Who is Domino? Continue reading DOMINO Cast For DEADPOOL 2

LEGION Secret Villain and New Burning Questions

Have you been watching Legion on FX? Have you seen the frightening clues that point to a powerful villain from X-Men canon?

Legion courtesy Marvel and FX

In comics David Haller (aka Legion) is Professor Charles Xavier’s son who suffers from multiple personalities. Each personality controls one of David’s mutant powers.

The Omega level mutant is the inspiration for the twisted FX drama but so far there’s only reference to the X-Men mythology but is there another creeping up on us? Continue reading LEGION Secret Villain and New Burning Questions