It’s Wonder Woman week! The Year One team reveals new stories of Diana’s DC Rebirth past. Plus, look who’s back. It’s all in this week’s new comic book picks of the week:

Cable 2017 courtesy Marvel

Cable #1 X-Force founder. X-Man. Revolutionary. Time Warrior. The son of Cyclops is back on a new mission across history to stop a new enemy from the future in this new ResurrXion book by James Robinson and Carlos Pachecho. Continue reading NEW COMIC BOOK PICKS For May 31, 2017


Marvel shared a new trailer for Spider-Man: Homecoming showing Peter Parker has a lot to learn. Spidey’s got Stark tech but so does a classic bad guy from his rogues gallery.

Spider-Man Homecoming courtesy Marvel

The reboot gives us a friendly neighborhood Spidey (Tom Holland) in high school trying to learn his powers, what it takes to be a hero. As we see in the new preview Spidey is bonding with Iron Man/Tony Stark and learning to maximize his suit. Continue reading SPIDER-MAN HOMECOMING New Trailer Shows IRON MAN Influence

X-MEN Ready For PHOENIX Return

You could call Jean Grey #2 a Phoenix Force Family Reunion this week.

Jean Grey courtesy Marvel

Jean knows the Phoenix Force is coming back. In this new chapter it’s a telepath power up as Jean unites Quentin Quire, Rachel Grey (now called Prestige in X-Men: Gold) and Hope Summers hoping to find answers as she prepares for the inevitable confrontation with the cosmic entity.  It’s the driving force behind Jean’s first solo ongoing by writer Dennis Hopeless and artist Victor Ibanez. Will she be ready as the Phoenix resurgence enters a new phase? What does it mean when Jean Grey meets Jean Grey later this summer? Continue reading X-MEN Ready For PHOENIX Return

NEW COMICS PICKS For May 24, 2017

Baby Groot goes solo. A new chapter in the twisted Hulk/Wolverine history. It’s all in this new comic picks of the week kicking off with a uniting of Valiant’s dark warriors:

Rapture #1 courtesy Valiant Entertainment

Rapture #1 A supernatural showdown with two warring armies. A teen girl is Earth’s last hope but this mystic calls on Ninjak, Shadowman and Punk Mambo to stop the rise of an Elder God out to seize Heaven. Matt Kindt and Cafu continue Valiant’s ICONS line with this epic team up of new and classic heroes. Continue reading NEW COMICS PICKS For May 24, 2017

BATMAN, FLASH, BUTTON Finale Reveals DC REBIRTH Mystery Villain

Can you feel the shockwaves across DC fandom?! The Flash #22 is here. The finale of The Button, picking up the mystery launched in DC Universe Rebirth #1 last summer with a HUGE revelation.

courtesy DC Comics

In this week’s finale by Joshua Williamson and Howard Porter, a Golden Age hero returns, a bad guy dies and the identity of the mystery villain (?) behind a multiversal mystery is revealed. Continue reading BATMAN, FLASH, BUTTON Finale Reveals DC REBIRTH Mystery Villain


Comic book villain veteran Tom Hardy is going darker as Sony spins a Spider-Verse spinoff.

Amazing Spider-Man #692 80’s variant courtesy Marvel

Sony revealed via Twitter Hardy will play Eddie Brock in a Venom film slated for October 5, 2018 with production starting in the fall. The actor sported a t-shirt featuring the villain, and a shaved head in a photo on the post. Continue reading TOM HARDY As VENOM

AGENTS OF SHIELD Season Four Cliffhanger Questions

A year of Ghost Rider, LMDs turned and a Framework of a dark mirror world with Hydra in control and Grant Ward resurrected. All the Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD season four story lines came together for an action and emotion packed finale. And that out of this world cliffhanger!

Agents of SHIELD season 4 cast courtesy Marvel

Supernatural and super scary technology threats weaved the season’s three arcs into the season ender World’s End. But what about that ending? What does it mean for Team Coulson and the Marvel Cinematic Universe? Continue reading AGENTS OF SHIELD Season Four Cliffhanger Questions