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Old Man Logan #1 courtesy Marvel
Old Man Logan #1 courtesy Marvel

Secret Wars leads to Battleworld – the new Marvel reality divided into Warzones bases on classic comics stories.

Brian Michael Bendis and Andrea Sorrentino revisit the future world of Old Man Logan, based on the storyline by Mark Millar and Steve McNiven.  Wolverine was almost the last hero standing in a world conquered by super villains who goes on a last stand road trip.

How does each Warzone affect the ongoing Secret Wars by Jonathan Hickman and the aftermath? Bendis is not blatant but gives us a lot of ponder about the the impact of Logan and what’s after the war:

“I’m not sure what I can say about that at this point. I’ve been trying real hard not to accidentally put a clue out there that lets three percent of the people in on something about “Secret Wars.” Then those people post it and everybody reads it, and by reading they think they’ve guessed things, which they have not guessed. They just read someone else’s guess. I don’t want to be part of that — but “Old Man Logan’s” place and importance in “Secret Wars” is very unique and the effects will be felt long after the event,” Bendis told Comic Book Resources.
“I’m not saying this lightly and I’m not trying to give anything away, but I think what people are most excited about with “Secret Wars” is that they know something big is happening and something even bigger is coming out the other side. A lot of these stories are going to have something that pops out the other side. “Old Man Logan” absolutely, 100 percent has a couple of things that will pop into the Marvel Universe, whatever shape it takes, after “Secret Wars” is done. In fact, every single one of the stories I’m doing during “Secret Wars” has a big piece that is coming forward into the new Marvel Universe, and “Old Man Logan” is right there at the forefront of that.”

Just before Secret Wars, Bendis will exit the X-Men franchise. The fan-favorite writer will remain a Marvel exclusive but no official projects have been announced yet.

A bigger question: Wolverine died last year in the Marvel Universe but multiple versions of Logan appear throughout the Warzones. Is one or all of these stories key to possibly bringing the X-Man back from the dead?

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