New Comics Picks for May 17, 2019

X-Men ResurrXion rolls on with a new Gen X! The Batman/Flash crossover finale! Luke Cage’s road to revenge! The comeback of Turok, Magnus and more Gold Key icons. It’s all in this new comics picks of the week:

Generation X courtesy Marvel

Generation X #1 The Xavier Institute is open but not every mutant is a super powered super hero type.

Original Gen X member Jubilee mentors a squadron of outcasts among outcasts. A mysterious new mutant joins some favorite junior X-Men. Colorist turned writer Christina Strain (who talks about the team lineup and mission here) and artist Amilcar Pinna guide the next evolution of teen X-title.

The Flash #22 The Button Finale! The Dark Knight & The Fastest Man Alive teamed up to solve a mystery with cosmic consequences for the DC Universe. It all started with a strangely familiar (to Watchmen readers) bloody button in the Batcave. After Flashes, Batmen, death and resurrection – how will it all end? Will Bruce and Barry learn who could destroy the DC Universe and why? Joshua Williamson and Howard Porter give fans the final chapter of this powerful crossover of a mystery that began with the return of Wally West, ties to Flashpoint and could end with a impossibly powerful enemy’s attack.

Secret Empire #2 Have you recovered from Secret Empire #1 and the Free Comic Book Day issue shockers? Hydra rules the Marvel Universe with Captain America at its head. In this second chapter writer Nick Spencer and artist Andrea Sorrentino take you into the new New York City. Enshrouded in dark force, Doctor Strange and the Defenders try to escape Hydra and protect innocent lives trapped in a nightmare realm with an army of villains. Iron Man encounters a new hero with the story behind Steve Rogers’s transformation.

The Sovereigns #1 Turok, Magnus the Robot Fighter and Doctor Solar are back! The disappearance of a hero leads the icon on a time travel mystery to find him. The Gold Key comics heroes in a new series from writer Ray Fawkes, artist Johnny Desjardins and Dynamite plus a Magnus solo story by Kyle Higgins.

Luke Cage #1 The scientist who turned Luke into the unbreakable man is found dead. Cage heads to The Big Easy for the funeral, answers and eventually….vengeance. Writer David Walker and artist Blake Nelson II launch Luke’s new comic book adventure that Walker says ties back to the hero’s origin before he became Power Man.

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