New Comics Picks for May 10, 2017

Quake assembles a new Secret Warriors! Alfred Pennyworth’s secret past strikes Batman’s future? It’s all in this week’s new comic picks of the week:

Secret Warriors courtesy Marvel

Secret Warriors #1 The Royals are in space but these Inhumans are the new Secret Warriors in the resistance against Hydra.

Captain America is hunting Inhumans. Quake leads Ms. Marvel, Moon Girl, Devil Dinosaur, Inferno and Karnak to save their race and the country from Hydra. Matthew Rosenberg and Javier Garron.

All-Star Batman #1 The First Ally A new enemy strikes down the Dark Knight in a plot going back generations. Who’s behind it? Could it be one of Bruce’s closest allies? An all new arc with Scott Snyder teaming up with his American Vampire collaborator Rafael Albuquerque.

Eternal Warrior: Awakening #1 Valiant’s mighty warrior finds peace? On the verge of victory, Gilad is struck down and awakes with no memory among a compassionate tribe. Peace won’t last. Robert Venditti and Renato Guedes bring the second of four standalone stories starring the Valiant hero.

Star Wars Screaming Citadel #1 Luke Skywalker and Doctor Aphra – allies? What makes the Rebel pilot and aspiring Jedi team up with Darth Vader’s former ally? Kieron Gillen and Marco Checchetto pilot a new Star Wars crossover with a iconic hero and fan-favorite new rogue.

Titans #11 The Lazarus Contract Slade Wilson will anything for family. Wally West is back. Deathstroke thinks West’s return could bring his own son back from the dead. Dan Abnett and Brett Booth kick off this crossover with Teen Titans and Deathstroke.

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