New Comics Picks for March 22, 2017

A brand new Iron Fist, X-O Manowar, new take on Dracula plus a Superman Rebirth shocker all in this week’s new comic book picks.

Iron Fist #1 courtesy Marvel

Iron Fist #1 The Gauntlet begins as Danny Rand is losing his powers. K’un Lun lies in ruins. Rand must fight seven kung fu masters to keep the role of the Iron Fist in this new series by Ed Brisson and Mike Perkins.

Action Comics #976 Superman Reborn Finale! Two Clarks. Two Supermen. One massive mystery across the dimensions. The epic crossover that changes the Man of Steel, Lois and their Super Son by Dan Jurgens and Doug Mahnke.

Anno Dracula #1 I read this novel years ago by Kim Newman and was obsessed. What if Dracula was never defeated? A decade after Bram Stoker’s novel, the Prince of Darkness rules England spreading vampirism into every level of civilization. Now a revolution brews in this new comic by Newman and artist Paul McCaffrey.

Helena Crash #1 A future where coffee is illegal? Helena is a courier delivering black market treasures who’s asked to kill a drug lord’s rival – an alien. A bizarre new hybrid of science fiction and crime noir by Fabian Rangel and Warwick Johnson-Cadwell.

X-O Manowar #1 From Roman Empire barbarian slave to world conqueror armed with alien armor, Aric is free of the being a weapon until an alien army arrives. Soldier, General, Emperor, Visigoth  – it’s a new beginning for Valiant’s hero by Matt Kindt and Tomas Gierollo.

By Editor