New Comic Picks for February 15, 2017

Wildstorm character design Grifter courtesy DC Comics

Three big number ones kick off our new comic book picks of the week:

Wild Storm #1

The heroes and villains of Jim Lee’s Wildstorm Universe return in a new evolution by legendary writer Warren Ellis with artist Jon Davis-Hunt.

New adventures of new versions of Grifter, Zealot, Voodoo, The Engineer and more Stormwatch and WildC.A.T.S. members.

Batwoman Rebirth #1

The Many Arms of Death marks a new beginning for Kate Kane. Monster Venom is a scary bioweapon. Batwoman must go back to a very dark place to bust the syndicate behind the outbreak. The one-shot by writer Marguerite Bennett, artist Ben Oliver and cover by Steve Epting

Super Sons #1

The sons of Superman and Batman team up for their own series by Peter J. Tomasi and Jorge Jimenez. A new villain with a darkly parallel path to the Boy of Steel and Robin emerges stop the boys from following in their famous fathers’ legacy.

Monsters Unleashed #3

Earth under siege. Avengers, X-Men, Champions, Guardians and Defenders rally to stop monsters crashing and stomping across the planet. Elsa Bloodstone is on the hunt. A mysterious teen with strange powers and another set of monster be the only way to mash the threat. Cullen Bunn continues the big event that will be a new Marvel ongoing series.

The Mighty Thor #16 The Shi’ar Gods invade Asgardia. The Goddess of Thunder forced to battle in the Challenge of the Gods with Earth in the balance. Jason Aaron and Russell Dauterman reveals the secrets behind the Shi’ar/Asgard War.

By Editor