New Comic Book Picks for March 8, 2017

IVX #6 courtesy Marvel

Who will survive Inhumans vs. X-Men? Who stole Superman’s son? Which television witches are making comic book magic now? It’s all in this week’s new comic book picks of the week:

IVX #6
The epic finale of the war for survival between X-Men and Inhumans. It all comes down to Queen vs. Queen! Emma Frost vs. Medusa for the future of their races.  After what Charles Soule and Jeff Lemire did to Cyclops in Death of X, what will be Emma Frost’s fate? Will she get her revenge? Who will save mutants from Terrigen? How will this conclusion set the stage for ResurrXion?

Action Comics #975
Superman Reborn continues after the heartbreaking cliffhanger from last week’s Superman. Who is the other Clark Kent? Superman soars to Metropolis in search of who seized his son. Dan Jurgens and Doug Mahnke continue the big Man of Steel event tied to the mysterious Mr. Oz. Plus, a Son of Superman story by Paul Dini and Ian Churchill in this milestone issue.
Man-Thing #1 Marvel’s supernatural monster takes Hollywood by storm thanks to Goosebumps horror writer R.L. Stine. From the Nexus of All Realities to Tinseltown – the monster as you haven’t seen it before.
Flash #18
Sins of the Father begins. Wally West races to learn the truth about his father aka Reverse-Flash. Kid Flash and Flash must go to the most dangerous destination in the DC Universe.
Charmed #1
Sisters must balance work and witchcraft, life and death while a demon readies the Underworld for an attack on the Charmed Ones. Erica Schulz and Maria Sanapo and Dynamite Comics bring back the sisters from the beloved television series Charmed.
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