New Comic Book Picks for March 29, 2017

Suicide Squad and the Banana Splits?! The beloved Saturday morning favorites and DC’s most infamous villains? It’s gonna be a crazy week at the comic book shop!

Suicide Squad Banana Splits Annual #1 courtesy DC Comics

It’s an overstuffed new comics picks of the week as two Marvel franchises relaunch with big Prime time issues plus DC heroes and villains teaming up with Hanna Barbera cartoon classics.

Inhumans Prime #1 ResurrXion for the Inhumans begins with a mission into space after war with the X-Men. What is Black Bolt’s secret? Why does Marvel boy join the Royal Family? Maximus on trial. A new Inhumans Secret Warriors unites for a mission on Earth. Find out as new team Al Ewing and JonBoy Meyers set the stage for the Inhumans.

X-Men Prime #1 ResurrXion of the mutants begins after war with the Inhumans. Kitty Pryde returns to lead the X-Men with a new way to save Xavier’s dream. Marc Guggeheim and Ken Lashley prepare the mutants for what’s next including a new Xavier Institute, Generation X and Brotherhood of Evil Mutants.

DC heroes meet Hanna Barbera cartoon classics in these mashup annuals:

Adam Strange Future Quest Annual #1, Booster Gold Flintstones Annual #1, Green Lantern Space Ghost Annual #1, Suicide Squad Banana Splits Annual #1 by a roster of top talent with surprise backup stories introducing more Hanna-Barbera favorites.

Doc Savage: Ring of Fire Volcanoes, Amelia Earheart, an army of assassins. Go back to the 1930’s for a adventure starring the pulp hero in the south pacific by David Avallone and Dave Acosta.

Thunderbolts #11 You know what happened when Kobik the Cosmic Cube restored Steve Rogers? Did you see what she did to Bucky Barnes last issue?! Past and present are on a collision course as Bucky takes on the truth about Hydra Captain America and his tragic journey to becoming the Winter Soldier. Jim Zub and Jon Malin deliver a shocking new chapter to the twisted history of Cap and Bucky.

By Editor