New Comic Book Picks for March 15, 2017

Batwoman Rebirth courtesy DC Comics

Batwoman goes solo, Vampirella resurrected, Spidey’s milestone and a twisted Star Trek tale are in this week’s new comic book picks of the week:

All-Star Batman #8

Hats and Bats! The Dark Knight in a new twisted tale against the Mad Hatter as artist Giuseppe Camuncoli joins Scott Snyder for the latest chapter in Ends of the Earth.

Batwoman #1

The Many Arms of Death begins. Kate Kane exits Gotham for a global hunt for crime lords responsible for the monster venom outbreak. Marguerite Bennett and Steve Epting give Batwoman her own new going series.

Star Trek: Deviations #1

What if Romulans discovered Earth before the Vulcans? William Riker and his outlaws on the Earth penal colony lead the Resistance, uncover a huge conspiracy and rescue a mysterious prisoner in deepest Romulan cell. Will humanity ever get out from alien conquerors and reach the stars? A brand new IDW series in the tradition of the famous Mirror, Mirror universe episodes.

Amazing Spider-Man #25

The Osborn Identity begins in a massive milestone issue with stories by Dan Slott and new series artist Stuart Immonen plus guest stars galore in back-up stories by all star and Marvel first time creators.

Vampirella #1

Waking up to a strange new world after a thousand year sleep, the femme fatale with fangs is back. She’s dressed to kill in a brand new series by writer Paul Cornell and artist Jimmy Broxton with Billy Tan covers from Dynamite.

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