New Comic Book Picks for July 26, 2017

A SECRET EMPIRE triple shot and FAITH gets her own team book! It’s all in this week’s new comic book picks of the week:

Remember this vision?

Civil War II #6 courtesy Marvel

SECRET EMPIRE #7 The vision foretold in Civil War II may actually happen: Miles Morales kills Steve Rogers!? If the Black Widow doesn’t do it first. Steve Rogers turned a former Avenger into his Weapon of Mass Destruction against the Underground. Nick Spencer and Leinil Francis Yu.

CAPTAIN AMERICA: STEVE ROGERS #19 He connquered. He’s beloved except by the woman he loves. Sharon Carter’s fateful choice in this Secret Empire tie-in by Spencer and Javier Pina.

X-MEN: BLUE #8 Emma Frost is back! She’s been a villain, teacher, X-Men leader, vengeance fueled villain again and now she’s a Queen again…kind of. In this Secret Empire tie-in, the former White Queen rules a mutant homeland in the shadow of Hydra but will the original X-Men discover the secrets of a mutant paradise too good to be true.

FAITH AND THE FUTURE FORCE #1 Faith Herbert aka Zephyr flies into a new adventure across time with new allies (including Valiant icons) against an attack on time itself in this ValiantSummit by Jody Houser, Stephen Segovia and Barry Kitson.

ALL-STAR BATMAN #12 Who is the man under the Nemesis mask and how could this change Bruce and Alfred’s relationship forever. Scott Snyder and Rafael Albuquerque continue The First Ally, Snyder’s final arc.

By Editor