New Comic Book Picks for August 9, 2017

The return of Mister Miracle and The Shadow. Jean Grey meets the Phoenix. A secret Inhumans tale.

It’s all in this week’s new comic book picks of the week:

Mister Miracle #1 courtesy DC Comics

Let’s begin with Jack Kirby’s creation in a new take by THE SHERIFF OF BABYLON creative team:

MISTER MIRACLE #1 Scott Free escaped Darkseid’s world to became an escape artist and even a Justice League hero but can he escape death? What is this master of narrow escapes willing to risk to find out. A new take on the classic Jack Kirby New God by Tom King and Mitch Gerads.

INHUMANS: ONCE AND FUTURE KINGS #1 One brother trained for regal greatness. One brother destined for madness. A tale of young Black Bolt and Maximus, an attack on an Inhuman king and how it affected the cosmic family. A new limited series by Christopher Priest and Phil Noto with a backup story starring Lockjaw by Ryan North and Gustavo Duarte.

GENERATIONS PHOENIX & JEAN GREY The original teen Jean is living in her future trying to avoid the fate of the Phoenix like her older self.  What happens when Jean comes face to face with the newly possessed Phoenix? Is this the key to saving her from a dark destiny? The next Generations tale by Cullen Bunn and RB Silva throwing past and present heroes into a time twisted tale and setting the stage for Marvel Legacy.

Generations: The Phoenix courtesy Marvel

THE SHADOW #1 Gone but not forgotten – the mysterious vigilante knew “what evil lurked in the heart of men” but The Shadow no longer preys evil doers. A woman in a hospital sees the horribly injured but still incredibly strong patient who saved her from a shooting. Is he The Shadow born again who can resurrect his war on criminals with her help? Si Spurrier and Daniel HDR launch a new series for the pulp hero in the modern era.

SECRET EMPIRE #8 Hydra Steve Rogers defeated Earth’s heroes in a powerful multi-pronged attack. The Darkforce Dimension covers Manhattan. Captain Marvel and an army of heroes are trapped outside a force field surrounded the planet with relentless Chitauri squadrons coming in wave after wave. While Doctor Strange and Carol Danvers lead the revolt within and without to join the fight against Hydra – Black Widow continues her plan to assassinate Captain America.

HARLEY QUINN #25 Happy Birthday but not for Harley? A massive issue anniversary assembles Harley’s extended cast for a party by Amanda Conner and Chad Hardin.

Harley Quinn 25 courtesy DC Comics

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