New Comic Book Picks for August 30, 2017

The final showdown with Hydra Captain America leads off this week’s new comic book picks of the week.

Secret Empire #10 courtesy Marvel

Marvel’s heroes beaten armies of evil but can they survive a super powered Steve Rogers?

SECRET EMPIRE #10 The final chapter! Heroes unite but are they ready to fight Captain America? Is there any redemption for Steve Rogers? Nick Spencer and Steve McNiven present the finale of the Hydra Captain America epic.

GENERATIONS: HAWKEYE & HAWKEYE Kate Bishop lands in a battle royal between the world’s top sharpshooters all aiming to be the best including a young Clint Barton. Will Kate and the man destined to be her mentor clash or connect in this time twisted tale by Kelly Thompson and Stefano Raffaele. Will both still carry the name Hawkeye as the count down to Marvel Legacy continues.

DARKSEID SPECIAL #1 DC’s most powerful villain, Lord of Apokolips, is obsessed with a refugee from his clutches. The hunters are unleashed in this one-shot by Mark Evanier and Scott Kollins in a tribute to Jack Kirby. Plus, a new OMAC story and a classic Kirby Fourth World tale.

JAMES BOND MONEYPENNY The former MI6 agent and M’s right hand in her own one-shot by Jody Hauser and Jacob Edgar. A “routine” bodyguard assignment escalates into an assassination plot tied to a attack from her past.

BLACK PANTHER #17 They were husband and wife, King and Queen. T’Challa and Storm of the X-Men were torn apart but she’s back in his life. Will Marvel’s former power couple reunite in this new chapter by Ta-Nehisi Coates and Chris Sprouse.

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