New Comic Book Picks for August 2, 2017

Will Hulks smash…each other? The first Marvel Generations book arrives. It tops our new comic picks of the week:

Generations courtesy Marvel

GENERATIONS: BANNER HULK & TOTALLY AWESOME HULK Bruce Banner & Amadeus Cho face to face but will these Hulks SMASH? Greg Pak gives the first time-twisted tale that may answer Who’s the Strongest There Is? Matteo Buffagni joins Pak on the first GENERATIONS team-up tale leading to Marvel Legacy.

NEW GODS SPECIAL #1 Orion confronts Kalibak but in taking on his brutal brother, will he embrace his own dark nature to stop evil in a new story by Shane Davis. Legendary Walt Simonson reveals a story of Orion’s youth in the back-up story plus a new look at a classic Jack Kirby tale. Before Mister Miracle rises again, dive back into Kirby’s Fourth World with new and old school stories of New Genesis and Apokolips.

TUROK #1 The Dinosaur Hunter is back in an all-new book. Only one warrior stands again an empire of dinosaur/human hybrid soldiers. Plus, Doc Spektor battles demons in New York in the backup story.

DEAD OF WINTER #1 A former television star is now a zombie hunter in this comic based on the tabletop game by Kyle Starks and Gabo. Sparky the dog tries to protect his friends from undead and ruthless human threats in this apocalyptic world with an unlikely hero.

X-MEN: GOLD #9 Kitty Pryde and Colossus together again? The former sweethearts are on the same team but she’s sword off guys named Peter (after Rasputin and Quill) left her heartbroken. The X-Man of Steel is in danger – can she save him, can she resist falling again? Marc Guggenheim and Ken Lashley continue the will they, won’t they against new and classic enemies.

By Editor