New Comic Book Picks for April 12, 2017

X-Men: Blue courtesy Marvel

Here are our new comic book picks of the week starting with two new ResurrXion X-books:

X-Men Blue #1

The originals reunited. Jean Grey leads Cyclops, Iceman, Beast and Angel on a mission to make the world believe mutants can be heroes again in the aftermath of the Inhumans war. So why is Magneto their new mentor? Cullen Bunn and Jorge Molina lead the time lost X-Men into the ResurrXion.

Weapon X #1

More dangerous mutants, more money and more adamantium – the new Weapon X program strikes again. Old Man Logan, Sabretooth, Lady Deathstrike, Warpath and Domino are targets (as seen in X-Men: Prime) but can they forge an alliance to stop the mutant killer factory? Greg Pak and Greg Land reunite for the first time since X-Men: Endsong to lead the most dangerous mutants into the ResurrXion.

Black Panther: The Crew #1

T’Challa, Storm, Misty Knight, Luke Cage and Manifold team up to take down a new threat after a mysterious death in Harlem. Ta-Nehisi Coates and Butch Guice expose a secret from Marvel history with big ramifications for the future.

Action Comics #977

Superman Reborn Aftermath. The Man of Steel looks at his past – birth of Jon, Lois and Clark’s wedding, Daily Planet chronicles – to face the future and the enemy who tried to wipe him out. Can he unite the Super-family to stop threat of Mr. Oz?

Immortal Brothers Green Knight

Archer and Armstrong in King Arthur’s Court? Valiant’s heroes reveal the real story behind the legendary Green Knight and the Knight who rises to the villain’s challenge. Archer, Armstrong plus a special appearance by Faith in this one-shot by Fred Van Lente and Cary Nord.

Z-Nation #1

Black Summer. A prequel set in the apocalyptic world of the SyFy show. Starving survivors face a new zombie threat for a rare cache of food. Fred Van Lente and Craig Engler share a lost tale of fan-favorite Charles Garnett and Israel Johnson in this limited series.

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