My Scary Valentine, Comic Book Worst Weddings

My scary Valentine.

The course of true love never runs smooth…especially when you’re a superhero, supervillain and sometimes sidekicks should really check the wedding guest lists.

In the spirit of the romantic holiday and for all those singles who are down on love here are some rocky roads to the altar and mad love that will make you happy you’re unhitched.

3 wildest comic book weddings:

Deadpool and Shiklah

Wade Wilson’s wedding was a wild ride to the altar. Marvel teased the moment when the Merc With The Mouth would say, I do, but the bride was a big mystery.

The betrothed turned out to be Shiklah, Queen of the Undead. Deadpool was seduced by the super succubus. There’s always drama with comic book love but this complication was downright demonic. Shiklah was already engaged to…Dracula. The Lord of the Vampires unleashed an army of his forces to ruin the wedding. ‘Til Death Do Us is the current Deadpool arc showing what happens when domestic bliss blows up…with repercussions for the world.

Rick Jones and Marlo Chandler

Who? Those are superheroes? The fact that Rick and Marlo survived their wedding day is proof enough they are super. Rick is the longtime sidekick to a host of Avengers and the Hulk. Marlo was an exercise instructor who dated a mysterious casino enforcer named Joe Fixit aka the Hulk in one of his more unusual transformations. Marlo and Joe broke up and she became Rick’s girlfriend. Bruce Banner was able to ditch his completely different Fixit personality and he merged with the Hulk. Banner’s brain and personality were in control of the green goliath’s body.

Rick and Marlo’s wedding weekend was filled with scandal, superheroes and the wildest cast of wedding crashers. At the Bachelor Party, Marvel’s good guys got to see a lot of Marlo in a film from her shady past. At the wedding an army of super villains, aliens and even Mephisto (aka the Devil) showed up as guests secretly invited by the Impossible Man.

Havok and Polaris

Don’t leave your super-powered bride to be at the altar…especially when she’s the Mistress of Magnetism. At least leave your rings and other metal off!

Lorna Dane suffered enough: Magneto’s daughter, possessed by an evil psychic entity, powers stolen, manipulated by super villains and survived a mass mutant massacre. Lorna had an on-again, off-again relationship with Alex Summers aka Havok.

Lorna and Alex were at the altar when he dumped her and confessed his affair with the Xavier School nurse after sharing a telepathic fling while he was in a coma. The jilting set Lorna’s already damaged mind off, leading to a magnetic rampage until Juggernaut knocked her out. Alex and Lorna worked together again as X-Men and in X-Factor but talk about a bad romance.

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