MARVEL’S DEFENDERS Big Burning Questions

THE DEFENDERS is now streaming on Netflix. Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist came together in an epic showdown with The Hand.

The team-up series delivered thrilling action, perfect humor, heartbreak and raw emotion as the street-level heroes of the Marvel Cinematic Universe paid painful prices for victory.

The Defenders courtesy Marvel

THE DEFENDERS took comics canon and expanded their own mythology. The finale – oh that finale – leaves fans with big burning questions about what could happen next for Jess, Matt, Luke, Danny – not to mention Misty and Colleen.

Let’s never forget the essential supporting casts of the earlier shows. Claire, Foggy, Karen, Misty, Colleen, Malcolm, Trish and Madame Gao are were weaved into this ultimate throwdown for the fate of New York City.

Before we continue here’s a SPOILER ALERT!

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Here it comes.

Misty – from cop to Daughter of the Dragon?

The top cop had her armed severed by Bakuto as she saved Claire in Colleen’s fight with her former master. Misty was left recovering in a hospital owned by Rand. In the comics Misty lost her arm in a terrorist attack and she’s given a new cyborg arm by Tony Stark. Will Misty get a new bionic arm from Danny?

Misty is comforted by Colleen in the hospital as they bonded during the series and the fateful fight. In the comics Misty learns martial arts and forms the Daughters of the Dragon with Colleen. The two women also form their detective agency: Nightwing Restorations. Misty and Colleen also form their own Heroes-For-Hire, the company once held by Luke and Danny. Will Simone Missick’s Misty follow the fate of her comic book counterpart.

Another HUGE part of the comic book Misty- she and Danny Rand become lovers!

Colleen Wing & Misty Knight in Daughters of the Dragon courtesy Marvel

Jessica Jones reopens Alias Investigations with Killgrave set to return for season two but have Jessica and Luke rekindled their old passion? The classic chemistry was back as the former lovers discussed “coffee sometime.” A Luke/Jessica/Claire triangle?

Danny Rand – the new protector of Hell’s Kitchen. In the comics Danny played Daredevil to help Matt but it seems like Iron Fist is taking over Matt’s mission. Will we ever return to K’un L’un?

The walls literally came crashing down on Daredevil, Elektra and Madame Gao.

Are Madame Gao and Elektra really dead?

Gao is the last of the Five Fingers of The Hand – the outcasts of K’un L’un. Gao is a ruthless survivor always a step ahead. Could Gao have snatched enough “Substance” or had her own covert resurrection chamber.

Elektra – did she kill Alexandra to claim the Substance for herself? She’s already the Black Sky so she could have somehow survived, regenerated herself or like Gao – had a contingency plan.

In the finale’s finale moments we saw Matt bandaged and broken in a bed in convent as a nun calls for Maggie saying he’s waking up. Matt’s mother is a nun named Sister Maggie. Could Maggie’s introduction lead to a season three based on the classic “Born Again” story? In this Frank Miller tale, the Kingpin discovers Daredevil’s true identity and plots the piece by piece destruction of Matt Murdock.

What did you think of DEFENDERS and what comics influences do you want to see in Marvel’s Netflix shows next?

Get ready THE PUNISHER is next.

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