MARVEL LEGACY #1  promises a time-spanning epic with “the most talked about return in comics.”

Marvel revealed the original (adult and deceased) Jean Grey will be back in PHOENIX RESURRECTION: THE RETURN OF JEAN GREY #1. Who’s next?

Phoenix Resurrection: The Return of Jean Grey #1 courtesy Marvel

The eternal flame of the Phoenix is always simmering in the Marvel Universe. With a focus on homage and history are more long dead heroes set to return under the Marvel Legacy banner?

The signs for Jean’s return began in the JEAN GREY solo series and then a blockbuster revelation in GENERATIONS: THE THUNDER. Other dead characters appeared in several GENERATIONS one-shots with their younger, modern day counterparts but are any of them back to stay?

Who else will rise again?

The action continues this new comic book day with the MARVEL LEGACY #1 one-shot. Jason Aaron and Esad Ribic reunite for this massive issue setting the stage for the future of the Marvel Universe heroes of the past returning. Classic books will resume to original numbering.

Does Legacy mean more comebacks of classic characters?

For your consideration, here are __ original characters we want back with Marvel Legacy:


The Kree hero died way back in 1982 but his resurrection has been teased for years with false starts and red herrings. The dead alien became a friend to many Avengers and shares a special bond with Captain Marvel/Carol Danvers. Mar-Vell has two sons: Genis Vell once has the code-name Legacy before adopting his father’s moniker. Gen Vell had adventures with Silver Surfer and his own cosmic adventures before being killed in the New Thunderbolts. Young Avengers Hulking was revealed to be Mar-Vell’s son. Mar-Vell fought with Carol in the GENERATIONS one-shot.


Young Scott Summers is in X-MEN BLUE and THE CHAMPIONS. I still have mixed feelings about the adult X-Men leader’s death in DEATH OF X. If Jean returns with full Phoenix power could she revive Scott or steal him from time before he killed Professor Xavier in AVX? Cyclops was turned into the new Magneto. It’s too soon for resurrection but one day I hope he’ll find redemption.


Old Man Logan, All-New Wolverine are great but ain’t nothing like the real thing. Logan/James Howlett really is “the best there is at what he does.” I’m surprised Logan hasn’t returned yet. I still want Laura to keep her amped up role but I’d love to see Logan and Jean together again.

Fantastic Four

Duh! Fans have been hoping for the comeback of Marvel’s First Family. Reed, Susan and the kids took off into the new multiverse in the SECRET WARS finale. Ben Grimm joined the Guardians of the Galaxy. Johnny Storm dated Medusa and was part of her Uncanny Inhumans. The Thing and Human Torch are together again in the revived MARVEL TWO-IN-ONE book packed with hints of the fate of the Richards family and hope for a Fantastic return.

Our final pick would be a SPOILER ALERT for a current X-book so you have been warned.

Professor Charles Xavier

The founder of the X-Men was killed by Cyclops in AVX. The Professor’s mutant brain was stolen by the Red Skull.  Storm appeared to be guided by her late mentor’s psyche in the EXTRAORDINARY X-MEN run. The Professor saw his future thanks to a visit from Tempus during “The Last Will and Testament of Professor X” during the Bendis UNCANNY X-MEN run.

Here comes the SPOILER!



In the current ASTONISHING X-MEN, Professor X is in a war with The Shadow King on the astral plane with X-Men as pawns in their psi-war. Could Xavier’s psyche lives in a form of psionic energy trapped in the Shadow King’s realm? With the Red Skull destroyed, and a victory against the Shadow King mean the Professor could be somehow returned into the land of the living with a new host or clone body?

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