Magneto’s Children in X-Men or Avengers Movie?


Avengers Vs X-Men #6 variant courtesy Marvel

  Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver could appear in Avengers or X-Men movies according to Marvel Films President Kevin Feige. In the comic books, the children of Magneto were introduced as part of his Brotherhood of Evil Mutants against the original X-Men. Wanda and Pietro Maximoff changed their ways and joined The Avengers. Both characters have suffered personal tragedies and been led back to the dark side. Quicksilver was married to Crystal of the Inhumans and have a daughter named Luna. Scarlet Witch married the Vision – an android. With the power of magic and her mutant hex powers, Wanda created and lost twin boys. Those boys became part of the Young Avengers and recently found and helped redeem the Scarlet Witch. The mutant will play a significant role in Avengers vs X-Men mega series.

The characters are important to both X-Men and Avengers canon but each franchise is owned by rival studios.

“It’s a little complicated,” Feige told Hey U Guys. “If they want to use them in the X-Men movies they could, if we want to use them in the Avengers movie we could.”

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This Geek’s Opinion: I’ve been saying for a while I hope the next X-Men: First Class prequel/sequel would introduce Magneto’s children: Polaris, Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver. Here are my thoughts on why the Swedish and American actresses who played The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo would be perfect fits for Wanda depending on the project. Now that I’ve seen The Hunger Games I think Alexander Ludwig would make a fantastic young Quicksilver. His role as the arrogant but ultimately tragic tribute made me think he’d be perfect for Magneto’s son.

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Which movie franchise do you want to see Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver appear?